New Gears 5 Trailers Show Boot Camp Tutorial Mode and Multiplayer Highlights

Today Microsoft and The Coalition released two trailers of the upcoming third-person-shooter Gears 5 for Xbox One and PC.

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XtraTrstrL99d ago

Uhm, that was just a clip of ELEAGUE playing Escalation, no trailer for Boot Camp.

slayereddy99d ago

After watching 25 minutes of multiplayer it certainly looks nice graphics wise but gameplay wise it just looks like boring shotgun gameplay. Looking at the kill feed it was almost always shotguns that win the fights...boring. A game with just one weapon winning the fight when it has many other interesting weapons to offer will become boring very quickly.

spicelicka99d ago (Edited 99d ago )

If you haven't played a lot Gears multiplayer before I can understand your assumptions, but whether you believe me or not I'll tell you a few things and give you my honest take.

Firstly, the shotgun in this series is one of the most satisfying weapons in any game. The gameplay has been largely unchanged since 2006 for that very reason, once you know how to use you cannot get bored of it, or the game would've died long ago.

Secondly, a lot of competitive MP games have one or two weapons that are used more than anything else. Shotgun is such a reliable finisher, you also have to consider the movement is not like FPS games, wall-bouncing and dodging in conjunction with shotgun provides a lot more depth than you can see in a video. Since this is an E-league match the players are going to use and abuse the most reliable weapon, you see a lot more use of other weapons if you're just playing socially.

The game is very unforgiving and the risk/reward factor is extremely high. You spend a lot of time and effort trying to get one kill, while in other shooters getting kills is quick and easy. When you do get that kill though, it's more rewarding than anything I've played. Turning a corner and popping a head or watching a body explode really makes you feel like you earned your kill. It's anything but boring, although developing your skill is necessary to get to that point and I know a lot of newcomers aren't able to do it in this game.

It's also a game with very little transferable skills, people used to COD/Halo are able to adapt to other FPS games because their skills are often transferable. There really aren't any games like Gears for multiplayer. Fornite is the only popular TPS but it's casual and not like Gears. Last of Us is probably the closest comparable game but it's a lot more survival based, and you won't see this type of gameplay in it.

Nu99d ago (Edited 99d ago )

I'm not a fps fan but I most definitely am a Gear head. I agree with everything spice says, gears is definitely something special that's for sure!

slayereddy99d ago

Well I don't have lots of experience in playing Gears games and that is because I just got bored of the shotgun gameplay, and now I see it is more of the same. I have tried almost all of the games in the past but it just gets boring very quickly for me so I decided to just put it down.

It isn't just an assumption, its what is shown during the 25 minute gameplay, and only today I came across an article that says the same.

In games I am not sure about I usually wait until some streamers get an early copy of it to check out what the gameplay is like in order to see whether it is something I would be interested in getting.

DaDrunkenJester99d ago

Perfect summation of Gears. But even in E-League you have a lot of player who specialize in other weapons, you can find sniper compilations for Gears 5 already from the E-league. The difference with Gears is since you always push forward, using cover, and wall bouncing. Once enemies come close, the shotgun is necessary. There are other options, but in E-League you rarely see them because these players have gotten so good with the shotgun because it is surgical.

wiz719199d ago

Definitely I've been playing since Gears 1 and i tell you it took up until Gears 4 when i actually became skilled enough to get more then 10 kills a game on a consistent basis.

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BLizardXD99d ago

It plays very much like how i would expect a gears game to play. and it looks great in my opinion.
appealing to the core fan-base usually keep changes to a minimum for many games.
the mechanics were already perfected since Gears2. provide more gears content and narrative is the main goal.

spicelicka99d ago (Edited 99d ago )

"Well I don't have lots of experience in playing Gears games and that is because I just got bored of the shotgun gameplay, and now I see it is more of the same. I have tried almost all of the games in the past but it just gets boring very quickly for me so I decided to just put it down."

If you gave it a try then the game just isn't for you then. I didn't deny that shotgun wasn't overused, but it's certainly more overused in competitive modes. What i was referring to by assumption was that is boring because of shotgun gameplay, which is too subjective to be true. Many of us find the skill development and focus on teamplay instead of game changing perks to be extremely fun.

slayereddy99d ago

I think it is a failure in design and balance if it becomes all about 1 weapon. To make it more intesting other weapons with their own strengths and weaknesses should also be able to be used and that isn't the case shown in the new game which was shown in the 25 minute multiplayer gameplay, it isn't the case in my own experience, and it isn't the case in what I have seen whilst watching others playing the game online in old Gears game. Like this article says 'Still all about shotguns'...and for some that is ok, but not for me.

spicelicka99d ago (Edited 99d ago )

I disagree with that. Failure of design would be self-evident and the game never would've sustained itself for so long. They tried to change the gameplay 'balance' in Gears Judgement and it never took off, which is why Gears 4 went back to traditional gameplay. The game's design is such that shotgun is the default weapon everyone resorts to, and no weapon is easy to use. You can't spawn with random weapons because it's an even start game based on skill, every weapon has to be picked up so naturally people will mostly use the weapons they start with, which is the assault rifle, shotgun, and pistol. Pistol is always meant to be a backup, and increasing reliance on the assault rifle would just mean people will keep shooting from behind cover and defeating the purpose of close visceral combat which is a staple of Gears. The game doesn't force people to use the shotgun, but people just do because it's a versatile weapon.

All other weapons are available to use and are all great. With arena style games you always have people fighting for weapon pickups, which decreases how frequently they're used. Again that means people don't get a chance to use other weapons easily and naturally revert back to the shotgun.

I get that it's not appealing to you, but I can't really explain it easily, you have to understand by playing enough of the game. You also have to realize though they must have experimented with less shotgun focused gameplay, and they would have gone with it if it actually worked. It would be interesting to see a game mode without shotguns but I can't imagine it working like you think.

LordJamar99d ago (Edited 99d ago )

Games just not for you then move on it’s a core game for core gears fans outsiders can stay outsiders

dlocsta98d ago

It sounds like you never became proficient with the shotgun. It can be very frustrating to play Gears and constantly be killed and have very few kills of your own. The thing I personally love about the game is the shotgun. It is close up, one-on-one action. Your skill against the other guy. There are those skilled with the longshot, or lancer all day (hate them!), or use the enforcer (hate them more!), but for me the fun of the game is the contest of skills up close and personal. I don't see the fun of playing a game and constantly dying because someone is sniping you from across the map and you can't even see them. THAT is boring. JMO

LordJamar99d ago

You must not know much about gears of war

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DaDrunkenJester99d ago

Wrong video, but still a good one haha

Abriael99d ago (Edited 99d ago )

There are two videos in the article. Looks like Microsoft deleted the first upload of the bootcamp one and reuploaded it.

Smokehouse99d ago

Looks crispy, I like it. Wasn’t a huge fan of 4 like I was the first 2 but I’m definitely going to give this a shot. I’m on gamepass so there’s really no reason not to.

NarutoFox99d ago (Edited 99d ago )

Man this game was awesome back in the day. Gears 1-3 was the best

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