Square Enix President Talks Remake Boom

Low risk, high return. Companies like Square Enix have been remaking their back catalogues, much to the delight of a generation of gamers who missed them the first time around (or those who like buying things with a fresh coat of polish). Square Enix, however, has been releasing new IPs like the upcoming Last Remnant.

As imperial hot company president Yoichi Wada explains in Asashi Shimbun piece on the remake boom: "The price of games is high, and consumers tend to be wary of buying games they are unfamiliar with.

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CrippleH4046d ago

Of course they are going to be talking about that.

That's all they have been doing so far.

PirateThom4046d ago

Square Enix really have run out of ideas.

No other company has resorted to remaking their back catalogue, not to the degree SE has.

Panthers4046d ago

Well if they are going to do it they need to go ahead with FFVII on the PS3 and make me happy. After that I dont care what they do.

ThanatosDMC4045d ago

I'll be happy if they remake FF8 with lots of voice overs and i rather have real time battles (kingdom hearts style??)

RyuStrife4046d ago

Reminds me, I never knew there was a Tales of Destiny Remake for the PS2.

Sony Rep4046d ago (Edited 4046d ago )

I hope this clowns ends up mopping classroom floors.

They are too dense to see that Japan is not the strong presence it was in the games industry like it was in prior generations. I think it's all relative to Sony and its success. Look at the PS2 and PS1, and you'll see that the success of those consoles, translated to the Japanese games developers' success.

Japanese developers definitely need to start supporting the PS3.

Nathaniel_Drake4046d ago (Edited 4046d ago )

Do you think thats why Sony has resorted to making 1st party games a ship to right their game company?

I wonder how many non-Japanese 1st party games are giving the PS3 the most profit, this could be the trend and Sony seeing how Japan isn't like you said the power in gaming it once was, if so then all I can say is that Sony is really good at predicting the future and preparing for it, I mean preparing for the HD culture and now this

hay4046d ago

Quit yappin and give me the ff5, 6 and 7 remakes.

DNAgent4046d ago

Except now I no longer want them. Every FF game that SQUARE-ENIX has made on consoles has been a flop. I don't think I would want that company to remake a classic game because they will likely mess that up too. If it was still Squaresoft then I wouldn't mind but it's Square-Enix and they aren't as good as they used to be yet people still have hope for them and they hope FF13 won't be a flop like the other FF games they have worked on. The truth is, FF13 will be garbage just like all the other FF games Square-Enix has made.

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The story is too old to be commented.