Ubisoft May Publish No More Heroes 2 in NA

Gaming Front: "When No More Heroes: Desperate Struggle was unveiled at this year's Tokyo Game Show, it was revealed that Marvelous Entertainment would be handling the game's distribution in Japan. While no publishers have been announced for North America, rumors has it that XSeed Games would handle the distribution. However, sources close to the deal have mentioned Ubisoft as a possible publisher and that negotiation is underway."

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mastiffchild4053d ago

If Ubi get their mits on it they'll make a huge mess of things. I've come to the firm belief that while they still try with PS360 games they've made a firm show of pushing as much cack as humaly possible at Wii owners. I really enjoyed the first game so I'm praying that either this isn't true or that they just leave it alone rather than mess about with parts of the game.

Zackstorm4053d ago

Uhh...Ubisoft published the first game...I don't understand why it's such a big deal.

They're not developing it, just publishing.

Captain_Sony4053d ago

I'd rather see it go to a publisher who is on good terms with Nintendo fans and not well known for releasing garbage ports.Going with Ubisoft may hurt them in the long run. I for one will never support Ubisoft on any platform from here on out.