PS Plus August 2019 Free Games Mistake Linked To EA Access Titles

PS Plus leaks are usually rare but they have happened a couple of times in the past. The most recent leak for PS Plus appears to have been mistaken for the August 2019 games lineup.

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Elda38d ago

Doesn't matter knowing it's rare that Sony announces what games are releasing on PS+ for the following next month early or in the middle of the month,they usually disclose that information at the very end of the month.

Zeke6838d ago

They ALWAYS announce next months PS Plus games tuesday/wednesday (depending on your timezone) the week before the games are released AND the Playstation Plus games are ALWAYS released first tuesday in the new month. Next month that is 6th August so they will reveal the games one week prior (July 30/31).

Only time we get to know the games before that is if someone mess up posting a picture or so by accident on PSN, but that's rare. Still, Sony always wait until last week in each month before they officially confirms such a "leak".
More articles should tell their readers how it works and always have worked with PS Plus and the games instead of all these "guess next month on PS plus"-crap articles imho.

Elda38d ago

I stated that Sony usually announces their game releases on PS+ at the very end of the month which can be anywhere between the 28th to the 31st of every month,not in the beginning or the middle of the month which today is the 15th.

Zeke6838d ago

Sorry, that post wasn't meant as a reply to yours, I guess I misclicked on my phone so it ended up beneath your post. Not my intention. :)

38d ago
Eidolon38d ago

They can announce the games a week away from the start of the next month if the first Tuesday is the first day. So technically.. also, it's always a Wednesday that they announce it.

Fluttershy7738d ago

A lot of mistakes with PS plus lately

BLow38d ago

Really? What is a lot like you say?

Fluttershy7738d ago

Specifically what I meant is the whole PES fiasco and now this... But if you consider the quality of PS plus and compare it with the last 2 years on the PS3 cycle, it is very noticeable how bad it has become.
Specially with the games they used to give us... It was super awesome, sometimes we even got 1 year old games; I advised all my friends to get a subscription... Not so much now.
I've tried Live too (and GamePass) and though I believe it's a slightly better service I really don't see the point anymore.
Buy an Ok PC and you can game online there. And just get your exclusives on PS4/PS5/Xbox (which are mostly story driven single player experiences anyway)

yomfweeee38d ago

PES "Fiasco"? Really?

#1 That wasn't a mistake
#2 That wasn't a fiasco

That was whiny gamers complain about a game decision. Sony heard their whining and changed it. Then other whiny gamers complained about that.

whitbyfox38d ago

It was a huge fiasco, a total scam. Replacing a 79% metacritic game with a 78% metacritic game just because the Americans started complaining. The floodgates are open. Don’t like the announced games, complain and get it changed whilst screwing over Europe. Cancelled my plus subscription.

SolidGamerX38d ago

You cancelled your subscription over a game you never knew was going to be free in the first place and if you really cared about that much shouldn't have just bought anyway? Um ok. Top shelf manufactured outrage at its finest.

SolidGamerX38d ago

The trolling seems to be spot on though. "PES fiasco" lol, nice try.

Adirzzz38d ago

lol don’t bother bro, these guys r pathetic
SONY is on FIRE LATELY !! Great company, seriously

Mr_Writer8538d ago

Hmmmm, it's probably just an error, but IF EA Access became a part of Plus that would be a good move by Sony and EA imo.

Platformgamer38d ago

most probably fake, and i hope so

william_cade38d ago

looks like we dodged another crap month

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