Gears of War 2 Collectible Item Walkthrough

This comprehensive article describes the locations of all the collectible items (it's not just COG tags anymore).

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Angry Angel4041d ago

Ok, so i went through and grabbed all of these some however, are not where this article says they are. I just wanted to pass on the info.

So... The first correction to make is the item referred to as the green doctors journal. The article says something about it being after the third locust fight.

Instead... you will walk onto a balcony in the courtyard of which is a crate of gas tanks that have been set up for an ambush. You will have the option to go straight ahead or go left along the balcony to get to the opposite wall. you want to follow this left hand walkway around following the left wall. You will find a small door that is open in the long left hand wall. inside plainly on the floor is a small green doctors journal. **Note that when you enter this room Tai says something about you setting up here and he will go around to the other side. The room the collectible is in is on Tai's side of the room. ( at least it was for me, maybe he sometimes gets stuck on a wall or something thats why is part is a note only, hopefully you will be able to find it without chasing Tai around)

Next, Kantus Scroll. In the description of the location it refers to a troika on a platform, which doesnt exist. Instead... when you enter the room there are two troikas. The scroll is against the short grey wall behind the troika on the left. Its not actually near the troika it only gives a frame of reference.

The set of COG tags in "sinking feeling" is not near a "graffiti covered wall" since there doesnt seem to be any graffiti int he room. Maybe this was a typo, in any case, this room is shaped oddly so... after Cole saves you it will be on the wall opposite the burning helicopter. Im sorry there really isnt much more to go off of. It is near a burning window, but it IS next to a wall, so take your time and if all else fails just walk along the wall and the little magnifying glass icon will pop up.

The most frustrating one to figure out was the "REALLY elusive" cog tags. When you inside the Riftworm after CARMINE DIES (oops, spoiler alert i guess) there is a big was of crap that starts towards you and you have to outrun it. The walkthrough says is on the right just before climbing the ramp to safety. However it is actually on the left just as you start the run. Maybe dive forward once or twice and your already there, really its really just at the beginning. So remember the beginning on the left, NOT the end on the right. Just to be sure, in case you get turned around left and right is in relation to the direction you are running from in order to get away from the wall of crap.

Ok, the New Hope Memo... This one is quick, the walkthrough mentions that if you have found the room with the flamethrower you have gone too far. Actually the Memo is in the room with the flamethrower just farther inside the room. So if you've found the room with the flame thrower you've found the room with the collectible.

Last, one of the stranded journals you pick up in "Tenuous Footing", the last collectible in the game. The article says that before you leave the room after falling get the journal. Actually, you get off of what used to be the roof. You hop through the windows and end up on a wooden surface this is where the collectible will be before you descend a ramp.

Im sure some things i have said wont make sense to some while the article will be more clear. But hopefully some out there will be helped by this. If all else fails youtube has some videos that actually show the levels being played through so you can actually see where to go. Have fun and dont forget to kill zombies in Left4Dead!