Eurogamer: Lips Hands-On

Looking at Lips' original line-up of 40 tracks, there's a solid attempt at variety on display here. It's likely that almost everyone will find something they can sing. It's also likely that most people will only find two or three things they actually want to sing. The result is that Lips' success depends almost entirely on the quality and quantity of downloadable songs which appear after release. If they can get a couple of dozen songs out every Friday, with good variety and reasonable prices, and rapidly build up to (or surpass) SingStar's library, Lips will be a winning product. If not, they might as well not have bothered at all.

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So Easy I Can Do It3634d ago

maybe singstar can step it up the next version.

buy a ps33634d ago

they well not need to LIPS has duffy.

MaximusPrime3634d ago

what does people think of the name "lips"?

I think it is a very bad name. MS got to update the name to a better one.

PS3 has SingStore and that was good name
Wii has WiiMusic and that pretty simple.

JonahFalcon3634d ago

I like it. It makes me think of Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Let There Be Lips.

Spike473634d ago

when MS announced "LIPS", he was like " oh yeah I'm going to buy that"! LOL

Fox013634d ago

I'm the only 360 fan commenting on a 360 related article and my comment doesn't even have anything to do wit the game, I'm just trying to pint out the obvious; something happens to your head when you only own a PS3, something really bad.

Good Game BTW, and it owns SingStar off course.

Monkey5213634d ago

How do you know that it owns SingStar? Wait a second.....o it's cause you're a 360 fanboy. Anyways, I am a happy owner of both. My only problem with this game is that I fail to see any real innovation.

ultimolu3634d ago

Let me know when it sells like crazy in Europe. Then we can talk.

You will hate on everything PS3 related. That is sad indeed.

Fox013634d ago

I own both consoles (I have Tekken, Motorstorm, Heavenly Sword and Folklore on my PS3, very soon I'll be getting Street Fighter and Killzone), but I prefer my 360.
I even had a Wii and then I sold it 3 weeks later.

Just like every multi-console owner (even you mister), we all have our preferences and mine is the X360; the ultimate social gaming experience. ATM, my PS3 is just for showing off (Cars, the movie, or a Trailer from killzone 2 and they're all like "OMG, your TV IS AWESOME").

Pennywise3634d ago

Back to the burrow fox.

PirateThom3634d ago

Singstar has Ultravox.

It wins by default.

Omegasyde3634d ago

How can Lips own Singstar when the game isn't even out yet.

You fail for being a tool, and saying you own a PS3. Imagine if you stink this bad at lying while typing, you couldn't get away with stating the truth in real life.

----------------------------- -------------------

Back on topic: Hopefully the competition will heat up, as a US Singstar owner the DLC for the game stinks and is heavily catered for the Homosexual community and females. Case in Point All of Boy Georges greatest hits just being one of many examples, along with every boy band ever created minus "in sync".

There are straight men people that play the game too Sony. Hopefully Lips is successful because the Karaoke Genre needs the competition.

ultimolu3634d ago

Fine by me, but that doesn't give you the right to hate on the PS3. My preference is the PS3. The only thing I cannot stand about the 360 are the failure issues and fans with a superiority complex.

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