Biomutant Preview : A Promising ARPG that Should be Worth the Wait

Ains from SG writes: " hands-on time with the title showed a lot of promise and further emboldened my level of excitement."

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Hardiman99d ago (Edited 99d ago )

Really, really cannot wait to dive into Biomutant! It's had my interest since I first read about it in a half page preview in GI and just the premise got me excited at that time.

Now after learning and seeing so much more about it, it has easily become one of my most anticipated games! I'm a sucker for deep character creations and I love exploring well realized open worlds filled with beautiful scenery and deadly enemies. The combat looks smooth yet insane and I for one can't wait to slice and dice some baddies. Add in mechs and it's a game for everyone and I love that it has an Oddworld vibe to it as well!

nucky6498d ago

me too. if we aren't getting a new jak and daxter then this should fill in the void pretty well.

bouzebbal98d ago (Edited 98d ago )

This can end up being a good surprise

98d ago
Smokehouse98d ago

Easily my most hyped game right now.

criticalkare98d ago

Is this game delayed to 2020?

isarai98d ago

We need more weird and silly games