Wii third-party titles may top $59.99

Third-party titles for Nintendo's upcoming Wii console may top $59.99 when they drop to retail at year end.

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CarlosX3606550d ago

I think this will anger a lot of internet gamers. It will become widespread, and people will dismiss Wii, thanks to the fact that the system is underpowered, compared to X360/PS3.

I can understand X360/PS3 at 60 and above, but Wii games? No. Just. No.

FadeToBlack6547d ago

I refuse to pay $60 for a game thats not even in HD sorry... $60 it steap for some of the port crap they are trying to sell on the 360.

OutLaw6547d ago

Maybe at the end those aren't the prices. They already considering to sell the system at $199 instead of $250. So maybe the price of the games will drop to the most $49.99.

jinn5862d ago

$10 off for sorry graphics


Nearly Half Of Gamers Play Video Games To "Express Themselves," Study Finds

Many players find it easier to express themselves while playing games. Yet, over half of the surveyed gamers still play to relieve stress.

H919h ago

I wonder what place made this study, and it's Fandom, no wonder half of the people said that, I find it hilarious that Fandom of all places did manage to pull more than 50% for the argument of playing games for self expression

phoenixwing15h ago

Honestly i don't believe this statistic. All we need is an executive to believe it and they'll focus more on how to "express" ourselves over good gameplay and further ruin gaming.

FinalFantasyFanatic15h ago

I actually just play to relax/have fun, get immersed in another world for a while and enjoy the story/characters, who the hell plays to "express themselves"? I can understand how that applies to say Minecraft, where you're actually making things, but I don't think you can apply this to most games.


Why Is No One Making AAA Horror Games Anymore?

Saif from eXputer inquires, "Despite the everlasting popularity of the genre, why hasn't there been a good AAA horror game in a while now?"

Jin_Sakai2d ago

Because the gaming industry is obsessed with live service games.

Rynxie2d ago

Because he touches himself at night to characters like lady Dimitrescu.

Crows902d ago

You're the one still thinking about her

Rynxie2d ago


Did I give away your secret? It's okay, if you sit on your hand and numb it, you can pretend it's her playing with your little stick.

MaximusPrime_2d ago

Good for me, I have no interests in horror games

-Foxtrot2d ago

Even when they do it's first person trying to copy Outlast, Five Nights, P.T etc

I think the Dead Space / RE2 / RE4 Remake and the Evil Within 2 showed you can have a good story based, third person survival horror game.

jeromeface2d ago

remakes is another good reason

thesoftware7302d ago

Calisto Protocol was also fun with fantastic presentation.

FinalFantasyFanatic2d ago

I feel like we haven't had much in the way of horror games for years, I think it became rare after the PS2/PS3 gen. Maybe i'll pick up that Crow Country that recently came out, that looks good.

Venoxn4g2d ago

Crow Country needs some more love.. and more exposure

Redemption-642d ago

Because outside of a fee games, most don't sell that well

Crows902d ago

So in other words...AAA publishers don't have creativity or passion for games.

CrimsonWing692d ago

Didn’t we have Dead Space Remake and Resident Evil 4 Remake last year?

thorstein2d ago (Edited 2d ago )

Among others

And isn't Dying Light 2 a horror game?