Wii third-party titles may top $59.99

Third-party titles for Nintendo's upcoming Wii console may top $59.99 when they drop to retail at year end.

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CarlosX3606195d ago

I think this will anger a lot of internet gamers. It will become widespread, and people will dismiss Wii, thanks to the fact that the system is underpowered, compared to X360/PS3.

I can understand X360/PS3 at 60 and above, but Wii games? No. Just. No.

FadeToBlack6193d ago

I refuse to pay $60 for a game thats not even in HD sorry... $60 it steap for some of the port crap they are trying to sell on the 360.

OutLaw6193d ago

Maybe at the end those aren't the prices. They already considering to sell the system at $199 instead of $250. So maybe the price of the games will drop to the most $49.99.

jinn5508d ago

$10 off for sorry graphics