Boomtown: Mirror's Edge hands-on impressions

Boomtown writes: "As I stood at the Eurogamer Expo watching a middle-aged man play Far Cry 2, an unfamiliar face popped up to my left. I could see in my peripheral vision he too was soaking up the action laid out before us, but what I first perceived to be mutual appreciation turned out to be something else altogether as he said to me: " I had this on PC. Seriously, it's rubbish – a GTA wannabe."

Obviously I laughed it off; afraid any conflicting opinions or factual adjustments might rub him the wrong way, but mostly as a result of his blazing error of judgement. Thankfully the other people I encountered throughout the event were less inclined to verbalise their half-baked impressions, and so only a muffled hum fell over the crowd - a series of grinning nods and grunts seemed to express one's feelings exactly."

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