‘Gears 5’ Will Eliminate All Smoking Depictions After Concerns Raised by Youth Anti-Tobacco Org

“Gears 5,” the forthcoming installment in the “Gears of Wars” third-person shooter game franchise, will be a smoke-free establishment.

Blu3_Berry5d ago

Young kids shouldn't be playing this in the first place. The censorship is stupid.

DaDrunkenJester5d ago (Edited 5d ago )

Yep, seems stupid and unnecessary considering it's a rated M game. But I also dont remember anyone in Gears smoking anyway. If there has been it was never used as a narrative device or useable item like MGS or RDR.

Probably something we wouldn't have even noticed if they didnt say anything and try to virtue signal this for some points.

SkatterBrain5d ago is there something wrong with the Audio or is it just me

feenix-55d ago

Seriously 'SkatterBrain'? Way to be a sick f*ck.

Nu5d ago

Michael Barrik smoked in the Gears 3 dlc

YodaCracker5d ago

Wow, Newgrounds. Is it 2006 again?

UnHoly_One5d ago (Edited 5d ago )

Vanquish had the best use of in-game smoking ever, IMO

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Seraphim5d ago (Edited 5d ago )

That was my first thought. Rated M for MATURE. Adults game. Developers can't and shouldn't be held accountable for poor parenting. If it's rated M develop and do wtf you want.

5d ago
Rude-ro5d ago

Worried about “influences” about smoking... but go take a chainsaw to the bad guy while the screen splatters blood everywhere... 😂🤔

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SegaGamer5d ago

Of all of the recent censorship stories, this one is quite possibly the most ridiculous of the lot. For goodness sake, why can't we just tell these overly offended hypocritical weirdos to get a grip? Why must the world so often give in to such a tiny miniority that complains about the most ridiculous nonsense?

This quote made me laugh (and not in a haha that's funny way)

“I’ve seen firsthand the devastating impact of smoking. It’s always been important for me to not use smoking as a narrative device, which is why we made the conscious choice to avoid highlighting or glorifying smoking in ‘Gears 5’ and throughout the Gears of War Universe moving forward.”

This comes across as completely ridiculous. You could use that same excuse for guns. Just replace the word smoking with guns and it's the same thing. It's highly possible he has not experienced the devasting impact of guns firsthand, but I am 100% sure he understands the devastating impact guns have had on millions upon millions of people around the world. The guy is a clown.

rainslacker5d ago (Edited 5d ago )

Difference is, Gears wouldn't be very good if there was no shooting of stuff. I guess they could change it to water pistols and the aliens could be deathly allergic to water or something.

I can't see any way that having smoking in any way would hinder or improve the game, so removing it is inconsequential.

Of course, the reasons for removing it are also silly if that's why they did it. It does, as you say, reek of hypocrisy.

NotoriousWhiz5d ago

Gears of paint ball doesn't roll off the tongue as well.

Zeref5d ago (Edited 5d ago )

Smoking was never in Gears to begin with except 1 small scene in gears 3. This alliance is symbolic.
Rod Fergusson has a very firm stance against smoking.

3d ago
Zeref3d ago

It's his game lol 😂

If he doesn't want to promote smoking, that's his choice

Muzikguy5d ago (Edited 5d ago )

All these censorships..... geez

bootywarrior5d ago

No censorship,Smoking is bad for all ages and unlike guns they're easily accessible to anyone around the world, and let's be real most kids are playing these M rated games anyway.

kneon5d ago

Well, it's also stupid that people are smoking in Gears. I haven't played it in a very long time, but isn't it set in the future, and aren't they a space-faring society?

No one would ever smoke on a space ship, it causes too many problems. That's the real driver behind banning smoking on airplanes, it caused too many maintenance problems, so the airlines were happy to oblige when they were pushed to ban smoking. The problems are much greater in the sealed environment of a space ship.

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Sciurus_vulgaris5d ago

I disagree, Gears of War is a mature rated franchise. A gaming showing smoking doesn’t mean the game is actually promoting smoking.

SkatterBrain5d ago

as long as the character dies of Cancer after Said Cigarette is Inhaled i see no problem with Cancer Sticks being in Games

RizBiz5d ago

That'd be some Rian Johnson level subversion right there.

The Wood5d ago (Edited 5d ago )

You're ok with chainsaw decapitation but irked by cigarettes

Brave_Losers_Unite5d ago

Big bulky guys with shades, tattoos, and a cigar in the mouth is old and edgy.

NoneYuh5d ago

Overprotective is the word you’re wanting to use. Sjw has literally nothing to do with this. Parents need to just stop buying their kids games rated M and stop taking them to R rated movies. I never saw a character smoke and thought “sign me up for that”.

stevej3365d ago

Speak for yourself. I recently watched stranger things and now I smoke 4 packs a day and all I wear are Hawaiian shirts.

rainslacker5d ago

This isn't even parents complaining. It's just some group that wants to say that anything that depicts smoking somehow promotes smoking. I dont know if there is any research based backing to the claim, or if it's just for feels.

Overall, I doubt ita going to impact the narrative or game in anyway, as smoking was never a thing in the games anyways.

WelkinCole5d ago

Yes apparently they case cancer as well

Sono4215d ago

These weak minded people who complain about everything nowadays are a cancer to society.

RizBiz5d ago (Edited 5d ago )

Why do you automatically assume it's a single Japanese woman? That's racist, sexist, AND ... marital

bluefox7555d ago

Yes, although a less common avenue for them. Usually it involves intersectionalism.

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rdgneoz35d ago

A mature, 18+ rated game with blood and guts, is getting censored for little kids over smoking? -_-

DaDrunkenJester5d ago

Apparently it was the Esport presenter who asked them to since they're trying to make Gears an esport. And plenty of kids will watch the esport... but yeah, another case of blood and violence is okay, but a character smoking (not even promoting) is not okay...

PapaBop5d ago

So they want the kids to watch a game they can't buy?

Lostbytes5d ago

Kids should not be able to watch a "ESPORT" showcasing a Rated M game. Period. This is the .....a Very untruthful scare tactic site/org

ginganinja5d ago

It's, apparently, been Rod Fergusons position since the start of the franchise, which is why there's only one brief shot in the entire series.

sprinterboy5d ago

Yep welcome to 2019 and nxt gen gaming.

spicelicka5d ago

So how do you suppose they use smoke grenades HMMMMMM

Lon3wolf5d ago

Why use a smoke grenade when an explosive one will create more mess and be more kiddie friendly.