Of chainsaws and carnage: Ars reviews Gears of War 2

Ars writes: "When the original Gears of War landed back in 2006, it proved to be the first true killer app for the Xbox 360 and has remained one of the platform's best titles. Not only was Gears of War an excellent commercial for the Unreal Engine 3, it turned out to be a smash hit and quickly defined the Xbox 360 as the premiere console for online shooters. Epic's generational debut was a stunning game, visually breathtaking, and packed to the gills with some explosive, action-packed gameplay and a few neat gameplay tricks.

Now, two years later, the sequel has arrived, a bigger and better version of the first game that really rocked the Xbox 360. But the landscape for shooters has changed a great deal since the first game came out. Online multiplayer options have been vastly expanded and improved, and co-op campaign modes are nearly run-of-the-mill now. The question at hand is whether or not Epic has sufficiently kicked Gears up a notch, or merely settled on some incremental updates."

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