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Jo-Mei Games have done a phenomenal job in creating a frightening world within Sea of Solitude. It slowly drags Kay to the darkest depths; while always leaving a hint of light and redemption around the corner that instills a beacon of hope. It's one of the most unique ventures this generation.

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killswitch805d ago

talk about a mixed bag of reviews.

Clover9045d ago

For sure, the game critics are all over the place on this one. I want to see more gamers personal opinion on this game.

BootHammer5d ago

I agree this one definitely has varying reviews coming out for it. It was the really unique premise, art style and story that sold me.

It's always refreshing to see something new hit the gaming scene that we haven't really seen/played before. And for $20, it is incredibly polished being that is was developed by a smaller studio.

ContraCode5d ago

Love the visuals. How long is the game?

BootHammer5d ago

The art style is pretty amazing. Similar to the graphics in Wind Waker, but quite darker in tone in many areas.

The story took me about around 6-7 hours. There are some collectibles along the way that I didn't 100%, which could have pushed it to 8-9 hours likely (like collect all bottles and find all seagulls).

coolbeans4d ago

Indeed. I dig that it's affecting some people positively, but I'm on the more negative side for this one.