DieHard GameFAN Review: Mechanic Master (NDS)

DieHard GameFAN: "Mechanic Master is a lot of things, but the overall user-friendliness of the game is a mixed bag. While the actual gameplay in Puzzle Mode is incredible intuitive, the same cannot be said for Drawing Mode and Create-A-Level Mode, both of which have issues that get in the way of the enjoyment of each mode. Worse than these issues, though is the main menu, which doesn't even come close to making any sense. It consists of a series of planets and apparati, each of which bring you to a different mode or series or levels. Of course, Mechanic Master doesn't bother to tell you what each of these items mean, so starting a game can become a nightmare. The only way to figure out what you're doing is trial-and-error, not exactly the kind of first impression you want to make to a new gamer. Thankfully, once you get started, the game helps you through hints, which can be turned off if you'd like. The hints aren't over-the-top or subtle; instead, they provide just enough information to let you figure things out on your own. This is how hints should be, and Mechanic Master nails it."

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