Review: Dragon Quest Builders 2 offers bigger, better building | Michibiku

The first Dragon Quest Builders was a successful adaptation of the crafting game to the world of Dragon Quest, adding structure, aesthetic and narrative to its gameplay. That said, it was definitely a first effort, and there were clear areas in which it could improve in a sequel. Dragon Quest Builders 2 goes so much further than people may expect.

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jjb19819d ago

I haven't finished the first one and thinking about trading it in towards the switch version of part 2. Hmmmmmmm.....🤔

ZeekQuattro9d ago

With all the QOL life changes they made like quick travel, a separate slot for your main weapon and improved A.I villiagers that will build things for you as long as you leave the right materials for them to work with. I'd say it's superior to the original in everyway imo.