R4i Gold 3DS Plus Flashcart review

R4. I cannot think of any two characters placed in succession that has likely given Nintendo more headaches than those two. In the height of the Nintendo DS era, they were reportedly so common and easy to find in Japan that people could find them at corner electronics stores. The laws were changed so that this is no longer the case, but their impact on the Nintendo DS, both the market (financial and otherwise), and the legacy, is hard to overstate. Nevertheless, they live in a legal gray area that often leads to shutdown orders or copyright infringement.

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BootHammer5d ago

I tried the DSTWO years ago but have not played with this one.

mikeslemonade5d ago

This was good maybe 3 years ago. The 3DS is old, crap screen, crap resolution, small screen, and weak specs.

Kados5d ago

AK2i. By far the best DS flash cart. Created by the same person who made NTRBoot, and NTR is fully integrated with the official fw on the cart so you do not need to switch between modes.