Konami Releases More Details Of PC Engine Core Grafx Mini

In an official press release, Konami has given more details on its upcoming nostalgic console, the PC Engine Core Grafx Mini.

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darthv729d ago

With military maddness and blazing lazers and alien crush... I was already sold. Adding in supergrafx games like ghouls and ghosts & aldynes as well as arcade card shooter sapphire... now I'm really sold.

What is curious though is the number of overlapping titles in both JP and US. Nectarus is military maddness same with pc genjin is bonk. But having other big shooters like lord of thunder, gradius, salamander, r-type is just icing on the cake.

The topper... dracula x rondo of blood.

rainslacker9d ago

Sapphire makes it really appealing. That game is hard to come by, and if you do, it's not cheap.

awdevoftw9d ago

I'm super excited for this. Will go good with my SNES and genesis.