GameSpy: Left 4 Dead Preview

GameSpy writes: "In two weeks, Valve's zombie apocalypse shooter, Left 4 Dead, hits the PC and Xbox 360, and today the company launched a four-player co-op demo on both platforms, available to anyone who preorders the game. Since we're always down for some zombie killin', we dove right into the PC version, finding the game's acquired an impressive coat of polish since we last checked it out.

The demo includes the first two levels of the "No Mercy" episode -- "The Apartments" and "The Subway" -- which we've seen in most of our L4D previews to date. Each episode is presented like a zombie flick, down to a loading screen resembling a movie poster showing who's playing each of the four survivor characters. There's Bill, the aging, beret-wearing military wannabe; Francis, the goateed, tattooed cycle dude; Zoey, the young, athletic female; and Louie, the 9-to-5er who's just loosening his tie."

+Lots of helpful on-screen messages should keep new players from getting lost

-No server browser has made it difficult to get online games going

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