A late ’90s video game is the most important influence on Stranger Things

With Stranger Things season three out now, we look at the series' most important influence.

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zeetheron644d ago

"This is the true legacy of Hideo Kojima’s horror opus, now dormant and unloved by publisher Konami, and it is replicating this one specific influence for television that drives the success of Stranger Things, far more than any 1980s pop culture references ever could." Kojima's horror opus? It's Team Silent's horror opus. Wtf

GameStallion644d ago

You mean “game journalism” haha

mixelon644d ago (Edited 644d ago )

😬 The repeated mentions of Kojima when referring to a series he had nothing to do with.

And the suggestion that ST draws from SH is also weird as SH consciously and openly drew from King, and many other sources, some of which ST is also clearly referencing. SH named most of its street names after the writers who influenced it. An “upside down”/borked and corroded world exists in loads of horror, including movies that predate SH (Jacobs Ladder particularly) SH is my favourite series and I love ST but I’m not seeing it. At all!

ST couldn’t be much less influenced by SH specifically if it tried.

It’s like the opinion piece from someone who doesn’t know horror, or games, writing a big piece about both. 😅

644d ago
Vanfernal644d ago

"But it is important, perhaps even more so than all others. It’s the one thematic river that runs at the centre of Stranger Things, as others chop and change with the passage of time and fashion.

That influence is Hideo Kojima’s 1999 video game horror masterpiece, Silent Hill."

Kojima's only link to Silent Hill was a canceled game... What the hell is this tool talking about? Quality "journalism" right here. Smh.

644d ago
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