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Don’t Even Think of downloading the newest free-to-play battle royale game to hit PS4. It’s a by the numbers rushjob that, despite having a tiny glimmer of potential, swamps you in nothing but bitter disappointment.

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Rangerman120810d ago (Edited 10d ago )

I remember when this was announced back in china joy 2018 as Farside, and was originally a PUBG clone. After playing 5-6 matches of the game, I feel like it could have benefited more if it stayed with that idea. I appreciate the devs for trying to do something different but as they say, being different doesn't always mean good, and I guess the warning signs were there considering they barely show any actual gameplayof the game.

I'm all for chinese games on the PS4, despite my whining, but is games like this that doesn't help bring a positive image to the market (unless you're a masochist). And what's worse is that this is a "PS4 exclusive", and it's just embarrasing. I played Cyber Hunter, mobile battle royale, months ago and I'd rather have a PS4 port of that game than this. The positive thing I can say to this game is that at least it's a better battle royale than The Culling 2. I *might* give this game a chance just because there's a small glimmer of potential underneath the jankiness, and with a few patches, it might be at least okay. But as it is? It really depends the decision of the devs or publishers if they still want to support the game.

Joshua1310d ago

Honestly, since this was announced alongside with Genesis, an upcoming PS4 moba, I'm much more excited for that game than I was with Don't Even Think. Like you said, it's better than Culling 2 but that really isn't saying much. I didn't know they announced this back in chinajoy though. That just makes this game look worse now. I'm still holding my breath for good support of the game but I doubt that will last long.

Giraiga1310d ago

I actually remember trying out FarSide with my HK account. It was a cheap PUBG clone but funnily enough it looked a lot better than it does now. I don't know what happened here. Was it the director's decision? Or was it the publisher's idea to change the concept of the game? And why did the graphics took such a major downgrade?

Abnor_Mal10d ago

Best thing about this game is that it's free to play, nothing else it would seem.

Rangerman120810d ago (Edited 10d ago )

Another thing it has it going for is that at least it has a platinum. Though after playing the game for 1-2 days, I wouldn't bother. This game has a lot of promise but the exection is poor.

Giraiga1310d ago

Not surprised. The "key features" that they shown barely described what the game even was. You know it's bad when the publishers are trying toohard to make their game sound cool without showing actual gameplay.

Elda9d ago

At least they didn't think about asking for coins to download & try to play this game.

Giraiga139d ago

Speaking of coins, you know what they call the currency in the game? Glod.

Freaking. GLOD.

Elda9d ago (Edited 9d ago )

LOL!!! Sounds like a name for some creature.

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