Ripten: SOCOM: Confrontation Review

Ripten writes: "As a huge fan of the SOCOM series, I eagerly anticipated the release of SOCOM: Confrontation since the PlayStation 3 was first unleashed. Once the game was actually launched last month, however, my anticipation turned into sorrow as the game was plagued with problematic issues such as locking players out of the servers, players "warping" around the map, and people shooting through walls. To keep things short, the game was really unplayable - not the launch Sony and Slant Six Games had in mind."

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4056d ago
Darkseider4056d ago

Another honest review... look at that? Who woulda thunk it?

buy a ps34056d ago

hopefully people well stop thinking this game a flop.

it is all fixed now.

PoSTedUP4056d ago

socom aint no flop man, i wouldn't play a flop for hours at a time every single day.

at first i gave it a 6.5/10, after the latest patch i give it a 8.9/10, now if they can add the trophy support etc. and all the other missing features, its a wrap, this game would get a 10/10 from me yo. its socom at its best, for sure.

buy a ps34056d ago

it is one my top 5 funniest online games of the year. it is right above cod4

4056d ago
barom4056d ago

I respect Ripten a lot for delaying the review until the bugs were fixed. Unlike the bigger sites and I actually read through the whole review, it was written pretty well, kept me interested. Anyway the game actually sounds fun. With the one life per round thing. It reminds me of Counter Strike, which was A LOT of fun. If only some of my friends had it or I had a demo.

morganfell4056d ago

Well I wouldn't exactly go around respecting Ripten. They are still full of crap. I won't excuse a mountain of idiocy over a molehill of correctness.

Homicide4055d ago

The game is pretty good, but the controls take a while to get used to.

morganfell4054d ago

Oh, no doubt. the game is great. The issue isn't the game, it is Ripten.

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Danja4056d ago

The score it deserves and the game can only get better XD

4056d ago
TheExecutive4055d ago

Another spoiler alert. This time it is for Gears2.

Seriously mods, when are you going to learn you have to make people us a PAID EMAIL ACCOUNT? This douche bag is going to make ANOTHER account and do this again. The only way to stop this sh*t is to tie people to one account. If this keeps happening you can count about 25-30 hits off your website A DAY because i will stop pinging it.

Pennywise4055d ago

I agree exec... It shouldnt be easy to make an account in 2min to spam this site.

Every post I have gone into has told me the end of R2. I already know the ending because of the losers on this site that cant let people enjoy themselves. I'm not condoning, but once again a prime example of PS3 fans striking back for wrong doings done by the children of the box.

LevDog4056d ago

Socom isnt just more tactile and realistic.. It also takes more skill to play.. Anyone can pick up a gun in COD4 and Kill someone.. Not in Socom.. Good aim is crucial and takes practice and skill.. The game is the most intense shooter Ive ever played... The reviewer is right.. Its as close to Socom 2 as your gonna get.. Which is a good thing

Zerodin4056d ago

Pootybutt, you talk like Socom is the first and only shooter series to do that.
Sony Droids: If it wasn't ever on a Sony console, it must have never existed.

PopEmUp4055d ago

are you talking about beside cs or hl

NS4056d ago

Played this game before. Its sounds like a more realistic shooter which is surprising that its seems to be quite popular.

PoSTedUP4056d ago

yea its very realistic/ competitive. if you need a bluetooth headset i recommend you pick up the bundle for this game and if you dont like the game you can sell it for 40$ so you would pay only 20$ for a state of the art top of the line bluetooth head set which is 60$ retail price (or 50$ i forget) : )

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