COD: Modern Warfare Free Maps Coming Post-Launch, "Unified Progression Across Modes' Mentioned

Modern Warfare will get free maps post-launch according to Activision. "Unified Progression" mentioned, and will be for multiple game modes.

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YourSixStudios_YT9d ago

No more "free maps" like sandstorm please!

excaliburps9d ago

I hope they're not like Black Ops 4's "free" maps that consist of lighting changes. Actual free maps, please.

Father__Merrin9d ago

Can't wait for this Ps4 will be the best place to play alongside x1

Hungryalpaca9d ago

It’s getting old dude. Take the condom out of your plastic box.

XxSPIDEYxX9d ago

Usually when you hear free maps, you get excited, but for COD it's worrying. Activision has to get players to spend extra money somehow, that's why COD points exist now.

Smokehouse9d ago

It sounds like they are doing mw right. Mw1 and mw2 were the only cods I loved so I hope it turns out good.

BadElf9d ago

Sounds worrysome. They will NEED to do somthing rediculous to get Cod Points going.

But, there is always a chance for everything to work out great...I guess

Smokehouse9d ago

What about the article sounds worrisome? Crossplay with free maps and content to keep the community unified sounds great. As long as the mtx are cosmetic then I couldn’t care less about cod points.

BadElf9d ago

What I mean is, because its coming from Duty/Activision....they always "sound good". Then it gets closer to release...gets post release...and we see the bullshit

Smokehouse9d ago

Yeah but I didn’t sink the time into it like I did the first 2 mw. I liked world at war and the first black ops but not in the same way.

Cod4 and gears 1 were my first online mp games though so I was just amazed at that in general lol. I was also much younger so a lot of factors probably played into my unfiltered joy with those games.

BadElf9d ago

Hmmm. Worrysome

$800 red dots here weeeeeeeeeee come!