Marvel's Avengers Gameplay Debut Set for July 18 at SDCC, but Will Be for Attendees Only

Square Enix has announced that fans will be able to see gameplay footage of Marvel's Avengers at this coming week's San Diego Comic-Con!

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Christopher10d ago

I guess they gotta give people who pay $60/day to attend rather than just sit at home and watch stuff online. Hopefully they release the gameplay a month from now.

excaliburps9d ago

I hope they release a trailer then and there but I doubt it given there's no mention of it whatsoever (of a trailer being available and such).

lellkay10d ago

Shame. We could do with seeing something solid.

CorndogBurglar10d ago

This game quickly went from being one of my most anticipated games to barely even being on my radar. I can't think of another game that happened so quickly for.

You would think that after all the negative feedback from E3 that they would release some official gameplay to the public as soon as possible. But here we are, and they're still playing coy about what this game even is.

Something just doesn't feel right with this.

Cmv3810d ago

Wrong way to ease the concerns over your product.

Nosferatu_dude10d ago

here we go again, i dont trust this project one bit anymore

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The story is too old to be commented.