For as much as it might object, Judgment is still a Yakuza game through and through | Entertainium

"Yagami’s adventures take him from one end of Kamurocho to the other and then back again in one of the best stories out of the series." - Eduardo Reboucas, Entertainium

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derektweed112d ago

really enjoying it so far. there's not so much grindy-ness so far, like some other yakuza games, but I won't be doing the gambling challenges, particularly, mahjong, shogi and koi-koi.

I was quite disappointed that they are selling the game passes (or whatever they are called) for the VR game for real money.

edureboucas11d ago

Really? I did not know that. Those seem to drop pretty often for me? Hm.

derektweed19d ago

They do drop from enemies but, at least for me, not very often, they gave 10, I think, in the first weeks bonus pack, so I guess that was good. It was enough to do the first couple of courses at least.

edureboucas8d ago

Got ya! I'll keep an eye for more then.