The 10 Best Marvel Video Games of All Time

SwitchedOn Gamer writes: There are so many Marvel video games that have released over the years and we've selected ten of the greatest ever made. Will your favourite make the cut?

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NecrumOddBoy12d ago

The Punisher on NES is by far the better game..

ifinitygamer12d ago

This is actually a somewhat agreeable list. Might switch around some of the middle ones, but no one goes to a top ten list to see who ranked #5,6,7, they want to see #1 and #10.

ZeekQuattro12d ago

Maximum Carnage should be on there. I liked Lego Marvel but no where near the extent I did for Carnage.

FallenAngel198412d ago

How’d something like Captain America: Super Soldier make it on this list over X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions, X-Men Legends 2, Deadpool, & Punisher(2005)?

P_Bomb12d ago

Agreed. Captain America? It’s about on the same level as the Fantastic Four, Thor and Iron Man movie tie ins. Just there.

Two Marvel v Capcoms at the expense of Punisher, that had cameos from Iron Man, Black Widow and Nick Fury? Capcom ain’t Marvel. Give it one spot if you must, but not two! Haggar and Bison have their own universe.

ShadowWolf71211d ago

Oh hell no it is not. It's up there with Origins.

That Cap game was freakin' great.

darthv7212d ago

Hulk: Ultimate Destruction... nuff said.

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