inXile: Microsoft Trusts Us; We're Making Wasteland 3 Better Than We Would Have Been Able Ourselves

inXile's Brian Fargo said that Microsoft trusts the studio, while Tim Campbell added that Wasteland 3 will be a better game thanks to the help and resources provided by Microsoft.

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NXFather12d ago Show
shuvam0912d ago (Edited 12d ago )

It's a shame then that the E3 trailer got me dehyped af...
That was a bad trailer...

Kingthrash36011d ago (Edited 11d ago )

I remember undead labs saying the same about state of decay 2....they even said it's a AAA game now and look how that turned out.

I'm so done with dev's talking...I go by what is shown, and what was shown of wasteland 3 isnt looking to good.

MS bought inXile so ofcourse they trust you....but it's not them who you should worry about trusting you..its the customer.

KaiPow12d ago

Having the support of other dev teams to share tech definitely sounds like a nice bonus. Hope they make some nice snow tech that they can share with the world!

InflectionPoint12d ago

Wasteland 2 was a great game, the definitive edition even more so. Go inXile! EA BAD, MICROSOFT GOOD.

chrono120512d ago

Wasteland 2 was a great game, the definitive edition even more so. Go inXile! EPIC STORE BAD, MICROSOFT GOOD.
That's better.

Shikoku12d ago

So is wasteland 3 and xbone exclusive?

Sciurus_vulgaris12d ago

No, games developed by recently acquired Xbox Studios that were announced as multiplatform before acquisition will remain multiplatform. Hence, The Outer Worlds, Psychonauts 2 & Wasteland 3 will still be available for PS4 and PC. However, I firmly believe all of Ninja Theory, InXile, Double Fines', etc. games will be for Xbox One and windows PC only going forward.

shiva112d ago

All future games will be xbox exclusives... Thats consoles (no matter what their official names and code names are), PC, mobile and project xcloud compatible devices.

gamer780412d ago

Oh they are only making wasteland? Was hoping for a fantasy rpg

Poopmist12d ago

They have a fantasy RPG releasing on Xbox and Ps4 in August. Bards Tale 4

Zeref12d ago

They also have Bards Tale 4

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The story is too old to be commented.