Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Multiplayer Gameplay Videos Now Up (Gunfight Mode)

Check out hours of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare multiplayer gameplay right now. More videos in the article where we get to see the tacticals and lethal grenades demoed, along with the weapons.

seanpitt237d ago

How not to show your game off for the first time

EazyC7d ago

It was a bit weird for a reveal as a) it was a somewhat niche mode they displayed and b) it was being played by some of the best CoD players in the world, meaning they were playing in that weird twitchy way that you're not really appreciating the new mechanics. It would have been far better if they did a proper trailer with an overview of what they're going for generally.

HOWEVER, I think what they showed looked really quite enjoyable, definitely still interested

Nitrowolf27d ago (Edited 7d ago )

The marketing is odd, maybe because Sony was absent from e3 they don’t have a big event to highlight this stuff?

Still I feel this was a last minute thing to get the community something. I’m sure the August 1st reveal will be better in terms of presentation

I hate watching commentary streaming like this

lazyboyblue6d ago

@Nitrowolf2 Publishers like Activision must be a little but annoyed by Sony's E3 no show.
Modern Warfare would surely have had serious stage time.

excaliburps6d ago

Yep. It was weird how they showed it given the mode, but the game itself on looked good.

Thunder_G0d_Bane6d ago

Yeah this reveal is just awful it’s not how you should reveal the first gameplay for your game.

They should have released the usual showreel of gameplay they usually have. Then have the streamers do their thing afterwards.

SyntheticForm6d ago

I'll take a bunch of dudes having a blast any day over some corny trailer with the usual annoying rap music accompaniment.

5d ago
spicelicka6d ago

It looks literally like the modern warfare remaster graphically. I know SP usually looks better but after that trailer people were hyping up the graphics like it's some photo-realistic new phenomenon. It's exactly the same engine.

ramiuk16d ago

it doesnt look any better to me either

oof466d ago

Another dumb idea was to stream it on twitch, which is a max 900p stream. Hopefully, they upload some proper 1080p/4K vids on youtube.

CDbiggen6d ago

What? You don't like watching a video of grown men screaming and overreacting? What's wrong with you?

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SyntheticForm6d ago

Looks fun. Those guys are definitely having a good time. Looking forward to this one.

Hungryalpaca6d ago

They’re paid cod influencers. Obviously they look like they’re having fun.

SyntheticForm6d ago (Edited 6d ago )

Oh, you're a genius and I never would've guessed that! You really got me there. I knew nothing about YouTube, sponsorship, or anything like that!

These are the type of dudes that would have fun playing any competitive game. They're obnoxious, sure, but that's fine. Let em be.

BillyG0AT6d ago

it looks fun and back to basic there but you know they're gonna ruin it with microtransactions and bright coloured camos to attract the kids after all the reviews are out

zodiac9096d ago

Whoever disagrees with this has shit for brains.

Kaii6d ago

Objectively, Somewhat Interesting, The way to show off the game? Not so much, Ego's aside why Is syndicate Included, putting audiences aside, this guy was promoting CSGO skin gambling while co-owning the site he was gambling on.

He "used" his own audience & Youtube doesn't ban his ass smh lol

TheGamez1006d ago

Lol why dont they just show us the typical full multiplayer reveal already. What an odd approach theyre doing for this years cod.

Ricegum6d ago (Edited 6d ago )

They are on 1st August.

Streaming seems to be a big part of reveals nowadays, like Gearbox have recently done with Borderlands 3.

But yeah, I'd much rather if they had shown even a small full multiplayer trailer than this.

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