Has Call of Duty: Modern Warfare ripped off Rainbow Six Siege?

One can't help but notice a striking resemblance between 2019's Call of Duty Modern Warfare and 2015's Rainbow Six Siege.

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PertySlick9d ago

Because of a game status indicator UI across the top? No. Unless you consider that Rainbow 6 Siege ripped it off from every other game that did it before them. Like just about any 1v1 fighting game...

Nitrowolf29d ago

I played Siege again to see how much has changed the other day, really don’t see the comparison at all. MW May be slower than past COD but everyone’s who’s played it still says it’s fast paced

Concerning the UI I mean siege didn’t use that first either so

PertySlick9d ago

This article mostly just points to the UI across the top. I wasn't seeing the comparison either.

Rynxie9d ago

Cod has been ripping off other games for the longest. Took this *VIDEO GAME* journalist long to figure that out?

PhantomS429d ago

Well, the checks from Activision haven't rolled in for all the 10/10s on the copy/paste series so they can talk openly about this dead series. November though, it's going to be as if this was delivered by Jesus himself.

Nemop9d ago

"dead series" Black ops 4 was the second best selling game in the US in 2018. Seems like it is anything but dead.

PhantomS429d ago

Still dull boring untouched 10+-year-old gameplay, same dull zero plot story (minus blops 4), still garbage sheep blindly defending the trash but complaining every year because it's bad.

Sounds like Activision beating a dead horse to me, keyword being DEAD. Sorry COD kid, your mom is yelling for you in the next room.

LA_Zeo9d ago

Call of duty has been ripping off other games since Advanced Warfare but Siege is its own game and a damn good one.

PapaBop9d ago

If they ripped off Siege, I'd actually probably be interested. One of the most unique FPS games in a long long time.

isa_scout9d ago

I feel ya. It kinda looks like they took inspiration from R6 but they didn't go far enough. COD needs a complete overhaul not just a graphics bump, which don't even look significantly better than COD:IW.

Sophisticated_Chap9d ago

Every first person shooter has used ideas that were in Call of Duty at one point or another, so even if Cod used something from another game, who cares. Ever since CoD4, the FPS genre has never been the same.

quenomamen9d ago

Ooh no, everybody knows COD is sooo original

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The story is too old to be commented.