The Switch Lite Should Be Way Cheaper Than $199

Greysun writes:

Nintendo's price point of $199 for the Switch Lite doesn't make much sense to me. If the dock costs $100 itself, shouldn't it be much cheaper?

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mikeslemonade7d ago (Edited 7d ago )

Nah they should be like $600. Phones are $1000. You entitled consumers!

And the specs should be much better. Phones and tablets are killing it in specs.

NarutoFox7d ago

Lol I think the Galaxy S10 is more powerful 😂

mikeslemonade7d ago


You know it takes about $400 to make a Phone. Nintendo could have been less selfish and make a system with $400 components and charge $300 for it.

Instead Nintendo wants to make a $150 component and charge $200. Nintendo never treats the core gamer, it’s always about themselves.

spicelicka7d ago

My $100 phone can be connected to the TV through casting, yet you can't connect a $200 Switch Lite to it....

Cobra9517d ago (Edited 7d ago )

It's foolish to buy flagship phones at introductory prices. They drop in price dramatically over time.

@mikeslemonade: It does not cost $400 to make a phone. If it did, the top phones wouldn't drop below that within a couple of years of introduction, and I'm talking new (not used). For whatever reason, enough people now think iPhones and their direct competition should be priced up around a grand. That's obscene. I'm not paying that ever, even when I have the money.

mikeslemonade7d ago

The bill of the parts are in a tear down of like a iPhone 7 was $300-$400 or below that.

It’s not rediculous, get with the times.

Christopher7d ago

***You know it takes about $400 to make a Phone***

No, it doesn't. Far from. Profit margins on cell phones are extremely high.

Kaze886d ago

@mikeslemonade shure, iphone 7 definately is the definition of a phone. there are no cheaper alternatives, that you could call a phone lmao. Samsung Galaxy J5 125€ is definately not a phone, geez guys.

All in seriousness almost all nintendo DS handhelds have been more or the same price at launch. This is basically home console on your hands. Not that I would ever touch that thing, I'm just waiting them to introduce pro version before I buy any switch. So basically samsung, which is the one of the market leaders on the phone category can provide can sell samsung j5 at 125€ (FYI these phones are quite shit in every department, feel like cheap plastic). You have to consider that way smaller Nintendo is providing a handheld that needs to run games 3-6h, take some beating since it's always on the go and with a modiefied Nvidia chip which is quite expensive than phone cpu/gpu's. The price is fine.

bouzebbal6d ago

I think people will be missing out too much to save 100bucks.

Gaming4Life19816d ago

Cell phones do alot more than video game consoles.

OnlyThoseOnTheFence6d ago

Pffft you gotta pump those numbers up, those a rookie numbers. I won't spend any less than $1k on monitor stands alone /s

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CaptainObvious8786d ago

Niinty has over priced their underpowered hardware??? Well imagine my shock!

TheFirstClassic7d ago (Edited 7d ago )

It's more that the dock itself is very overpriced when purchased separately. But nobody needs one unless they break the one that came with the original. 100 dollars is still a large chunk of money off.

Atom6667d ago

I'd get another dock for a different TV in my house if they weren't stupidly overpriced.

Seraphim7d ago

it is absurd that a piece of plastic with a few ports for the power cord and couple USBs cost $100. That thing probably costs about $5 to make.

Concertoine7d ago

They are overpriced. I got a 3rd party dock for my other TV.

Elda7d ago

Most of their stuff is overpriced.

kneon6d ago


You're probably not far off. The Switch hub is just a USB hub with an HDMI port. I can get one for less than $20 retail, which means it cost no more than $5-7 to manufacture.

Wolf8736d ago

It costs us Canadians $110 with tax on top, so go figure. Nintendo is quite disconnected from their customers when it comes to prices.

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The 10th Rider6d ago

Plus it's not as if the parts cost is the only cost involved.

The dock costs $90 on its own. That's overpriced and probably with a large overhead. However, even if you were to assume they're barely breaking even at $90 you have to retailer markup, cost of packaging material and the cost to package the product, cost to ship the product to stores, etc . . .

So even if you were to assume the dock was barely turning a profit at $90, the actual savings of cutting the dock from the Switch Lite would only be like $50 tops.

wwinterj6d ago

Basically the Switch is £300 over here and the lite is £200. £100 for the dock seems about right when bought on its own. It is still overpriced for a TV out connection.

ShinnokDrako7d ago

So they removed the possibility to connect it to the TV, removed the joycons (or better, "glued" to it),removed the rumble and so on... it's a Switch not switchable with a lot less features and with a price a bit high for what it offers. Mh... ok, i guess people will buy it anyway :P i'm fine with my original one.

rdgneoz37d ago

Non-gamer soccer mom's and dad's (or grandparents) will be the ones getting it, and the kids are gonna be disappointed when they can't play smash or such with a friend on TV.

SamPao7d ago

I really fail to understand. How is this a switch still? They want people to double dip. Simple as that. I dont like it.

SamPao7d ago

top, but the point of the switch is to be able to switch? ITS IN THE NAME

Cmv387d ago

Nintendo has been doing this shit since the original gameboy

Neonridr7d ago

so you'd rather them call it something completely different to confuse the regular folk?

Larrysweet7d ago

No theu dont yall all really cant see this thing is gonna sell way way way more then 300d switch then ya blind...u go in store u want a handheld only lets be real all switch is a u got 100d cheaper man its amazing

Larrysweet7d ago

Second u doc it it looks like sack a poop graphics

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Gwiz7d ago

The only thing Pachter predicted : People would buy a box if has a Nintendo logo on it.
I guess he needs to be more like that while making predictions to have a chance of being right lol

CrimsonWing697d ago

Yea but I can carry this on my rock climbing expeditions and I couldn’t do that with—oh wait, you’re right 🤔

Razuel7d ago

Considering the switch goes onsale for around 260, and should be priced at such or less.

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sprinterboy7d ago

It's £199 here in the UK with no games yet for £279 you can buy the switch with £30 eshop voucher and 12mths online pass or £299 with CTR, £30 eshop voucher and 12 mths online.
Its a no brainer you get the normal switch but I understand those who have 1 already may use it for travel and the main switch always docked.