Over 4,000 developers have applied to be part of Google's Stadia Partners programme

More than 4,000 game studios have submitted applications to be in the Stadia Partners scheme.

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XiNatsuDragnel12d ago

Oh boy this might flop careful

indysurfn11d ago

At first 4,000 sounded like good news. Then I remembered the junk ware that killed atari!

madpuppy11d ago

It's just a bunch of developers that want some of that sweet Google money before it fails and Google shutters it.

Vits12d ago

As they should. If this thing fails most of those studios will not lose much, being that they are likely offering games that are already fully developed. On the other hand if that thing does find a market, the studios that are late to the party will obvious lose a lot of "potential" consumers.

Elwenil11d ago

Ouya had 36k developers supporting it.

Look how that turned out.

AcidDvl11d ago

They're counting the number of employees in each studio that wants to partner up with them.

They're just inflating numbers.

mafiabrett11d ago (Edited 11d ago )

Exactly this. Bioware for example had around 800 people at one point. 4,000 is not a lot.

Judge_Rez11d ago

Doesn't seem like it from a glance. "We've had more than 4,000 companies apply for access to Stadia". That's what he said. 'Companies', not 'employees'.

xVOLTx11d ago

I'll never support streaming.. I like to own physical things.

CobraKai11d ago

Same here. Streaming and paying monthly plans is like paying $$$ for something you’ll never own.

EricLane11d ago

Agreed. I must admit that I sometimes hate having to get up to swap discs but I ALWAYS buy physical when it is an option. I fear that too many people will lean towards convenience and ignore the inevitable future that it will bring.

rainslacker11d ago

To put things in perspective.

As of two years ago, the first number I could find easily, put the number of games on PS4 at 1700. That means, before Stadia even launches, they have more than double the number of developers signed up than the PS4 had games after 4 years on the market. I don't know if that number above includes small indie titles.

So, while I won't refute the number given, I think the claim itself is not really in line with reality, or one can expect a lot of mobile developers to put their shovel ware up on the service.

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