Should You Be Excited About Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order?

Chris Mawson writes: "Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order has barely had time to cool off from its announcement and the complaints are already rolling in for the game. It seems the devs are listening and the first complaint, about the brightness of the lightsaber itself, is being addressed. But the larger question is whether or not gamers should be excited by another Star Wars game from EA."

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monkey60211d ago

15 year old me says I should be, But I'm really not!

Count_Bakula11d ago

I'll wait to see if/what modders can do with combat, like some sort of proper gore and saber-maiming mod or something.

TheHateTheyGive11d ago

I have plenty of ps4 exclusives to play in the fall to care for this 3rd party multiplatform filler.

Orionsangel11d ago

I'm excited in a I'll wait until it goes to the bargain bin price of $19.99 in a PS Plus sale kinda way.

PapaBop11d ago

Some of the original talent that has made COD the powerhouse it is today making a Star Wars game? Ordinarily we should be HYPED but with EA breathing down their necks, I'd say the safest bet would be to remain cautiously optimistic.

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