10 Potential GOTY Contenders Still to Come Out in 2019

Andrew writes:

2019 is already proving to be a great year for gaming and has lots of GOTY contenders, we look at some more amazing titles still to come this year.

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Gamehard12d ago

Lol I know it's too early to actually say, but Jedi: Fallen Order and GOTY contender just don't seem like they go together.

Potnoodle99911d ago

Haha, don’t worry, everyone and their mothers, except twinfinite, agrees with you!

CP_Company12d ago

basically just 2 of them are serious goty contenders.

GameBoyColor12d ago

Fire emblem and star wars are the 2 candidates. Fire emblem probably will be better cuz EA lol

Nacho_Z12d ago

Looking forward to The Outer Worlds, looks a lot of fun. Death Stranding has potential and no doubt that thematically it's something completely new so that's interesting too but I'm reserving judgment for now.

I don't have a problem with films that are a little weird and aren't in any rush to tell their story so I think I'll like it.

william_cade12d ago

Jedi is going to be the definition of mediocrity.