Will busted analog sticks doom the Switch Lite?

Nintendo’s Joy-Cons don’t have a very good track record. What happens when they’re permanently attached?

crazyCoconuts6d ago

Legit concern. My kids have had to buy 2 new sets each since launch. Wonder if these will be more durable

ButtAnihilator4d ago

There's no way I'd play smash bros on a switch lite. That game's a thumbstick destroyer.

Sono4214d ago

I can't believe this never occurred to me, this is a HUGE problem. Nintendo needs to fix those crappy analog sticks if they want to prevent a huge surge of Switch Lite's being sent back in for repair. I've gone through 2 sets of left stick joycons that always get stuck going left. Both times the left one, and both times it's pressing left, that can't just be a coincidence. Sounds like a design flaw.

tekateti4d ago

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harmny4d ago

When they break a set hit them hard in the face. They'll be more careful next time.

shauzy4d ago

you're right, raise children to not be animals and have less stuff break

ButtAnihilator3d ago (Edited 3d ago )

@shauzy Because the owner of the device is always in the wrong, right? Devices never come defective and never have bad durabilty, it's all just kids being wreckless, so f*** the consumer, right? Give me a break.

Nintendew5d ago

Only problem I have with mine are the Joy Con Drift. Gotta take them apart and clean them to fix that.

Zeref5d ago

i had that joycon drift. No matter what i tried. It still drifted. Had to buy a new pair.

SkatterBrain4d ago

i got 2 replacemnt joysticks and tools for $14

Ricegum5d ago

Yep I have that at the moment with my left Joy Con. Very frustrating.

Nintendew4d ago

2 sets I have and both Left need to be taken apart and cleaned. Guess due to left stick used more the Left stick has more issues. Just all the finger gunk finally taking its toll.
( video on help )

Servbot414d ago

"Only problem is an obvious design flaw" They could fix this easily with an update allowing users to adjust deadzone, but they don't.

Ratchet755d ago

The psvita did not have issues of that sort.
I'm pretty sure the switch lite will be fine.
The very nature of the joy con detachment makes it very fragile and prone to technical issues imo.

343_Guilty_Spark5d ago

No one bought the Vita that's why there were no issues

bluefox7555d ago (Edited 5d ago )

16 million people did, actually. More than Nintendo's previous console.

megamn6065d ago

I have four Vita’s sooooooooo yeah, and can’t wait for the Switch Lite! My og switch will just be a console and the lite will be the successor to the vita that I’ve wished so hard for :D

343_Guilty_Spark5d ago

Never seen one in the wild.

But I may get one and install home brew and backup games

Brave_Losers_Unite5d ago

@343 Probably because you never go out

rainslacker4d ago

I did. Vita feels more durable than switch. They had a different style of analog stick as well.

Only issue i heard of from vita was some units had dead pixels out of the box with the oled versions.

Benjaminkno4d ago

Lol!! 😆
35 disagrees but they’re more like dislikes

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Sirk7x5d ago

The Vita certainly had those issues. I've done more than one joystick replacement. More prominent with the second generation variant.

King_Noctis4d ago

My Vita had issue with the anlog stick as well, although the issue is much worse with my current Joycons.

Sm00thNinja5d ago

Gotta day I've never had a problem didnt know it was one!

PhantomS425d ago

Same, people should probably stop mishandling their expansive toys.

monkey6024d ago

Drifting isn't caused by mishandling, it comes from long term use and is a big issue with Joy Cons currently

PhantomS424d ago


I've had mine since day 1 and this has never been an issue. Sounds like a mishandling issue just like when people were being rough with the switch going in and out of the dock so they got their screen scratched.

Xaevi5d ago

Both my sticks have issues and I barely use my Switch. Honestly if they didn't bother improving that on the Lite then that might be a deal breaker for me

SkatterBrain4d ago (Edited 4d ago )

yeah the joycon drift was soo annoying i let my switch gather dust for like 2 months then said F it ill try to fix it, surprisingly easy, i Jope Nintendo gets Effin Sued for selling joycons that eventually will start to drift why couldnt they use something that wouldnt wear down like magnets ,not something that just rubs until its gone

Servbot414d ago

Nintendo didn't learn their lesson from the N64 joystick.

SkatterBrain4d ago

maybe they planned for the joystick to wear out slower and last just enough for people not to notice this has a worse failure rate than the Xbox 3fixme RROD

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