A brief history of cutdown game consoles

"It’s not surprising that Nintendo has announced a redesign of the Switch, but it is a little surprising that the Switch Lite has lost the system’s signature ability to… switch. The new revision is solely designed for handheld play, meaning it doesn’t have detachable controllers, a kickstand, or the ability to be played on a TV.

That’s just the way it goes with video game consoles, though. While new generations of hardware introduce far greater power and functionality, often revisions within the same generation take certain steps backward. Whether the trade-offs are made to reduce costs or because certain elements were deemed unimportant, over their history, all three current console makers have released multiple machines that killed various features.

The question, as ever, is how much those missing features mean to you."

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Sgt_Slaughter873d ago

Why do so many publications not understand why the Switch Lite exists and can't "switch"? There's literally an entire market of Switch gamers who use the system strictly in Portable Mode, so they're making a lighter, slightly smaller, more durable system for said people. It's not "surprising" at all if you pay attention to things.

ibrake4naps873d ago

I'd prolly like it. I would just use my switch as a portable if my joycon didn't constantly disconect, and my PS4 / PC on the tv

EddieNX 873d ago

I had that problem with my launch switch, the right joycon kept disconnecting so I just replaced it and it's fine now.

Noirez12869d ago

Wow I really like handheld more than consoles up switch