4 Games You Won’t Be Able to Play With Just the Switch Lite

Due to the Nintendo Switch Lite's lack of detachable controllers, we found four Switch games that are incompatible with Nintendo's new console.

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Neonridr10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

so ultimately only 1 real game that you are missing out on.

ZachAStevens10d ago

While it is true that Labo is the only "fully" non-compatible game, its important for people that purchase the Lite to know which of the titles they may miss out on without extra peripherals. Taking home Super Mario Party with your Switch Lite only to realize you can't even play it without spending an extra 80 dollars would be super upsetting!

Neonridr10d ago

yep, that one is the real drag there.

CobraKai9d ago

And that extra $80 is close to the actual full Switch

indysurfn9d ago (Edited 9d ago )

To people that say add 80 dollars to the cost of the switch. Do you add extra controller dollars to the cost of the pc/xbox/ps4 for because it has a multiplayer game that requires another controller? Because I have never heard it. Do you add 299 to the ps4 every time you see a PSVR/vive/elite controller game mentioned? Nope never. Why? Because it would be unreasonable.

agnosticgamer9d ago (Edited 9d ago )

I found that out even just purchasing it for the switch... Honestly, that pissed me off.

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locomorales9d ago

Switch Lite is made for the owners of 3DS to play Pokémon.

Nintendo need to reach Wii U + 3DS owners with Switch to even break in the user base.

Absonite9d ago

I'm sure I'll catch shit for saying the same thing, but...this is basically a Pokemon player, why not just brand it as that.

EddieNX 9d ago

Because it plays other games? Lol

9d ago
killswitch809d ago

made for people that still have the 3ds as their main system lol

Sirk7x9d ago (Edited 9d ago )

Yes, it is designed to be a more attractive buy for children, due to durability and cheaper costs. Nintendo has sales and demographic numbers and knows who they need to reach. It's probably going to sell very well over the next three years, especially after a price drop below $200.

AlexMuncatchy9d ago

I think this is targeted more at the 2DS players more than 3DS people, largely because they are the same type of buyer: an idiot.

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lptmg9d ago

can't play 1-2 Switch?
Oh noooooooooooooooooo the horror

ScootaKuH9d ago

There's a reason to buy the switch lite right there!

KyRo9d ago (Edited 9d ago )

Imagine if Sony or MS didn't allow certain games to played on the OG consoles, only the Pro or X, there would be uproar. Nintendo just gets a shrug of the shoulders lol

Apocalypse Shadow9d ago (Edited 9d ago )

You're going to get disagrees but you're actually right. Especially with Sony. There would be tons of articles written about them being anti consumer and berated for not allowing some games to not be played.

Let's say the newer model consoles in production with new serial numbers didn't play Infamous, Knack, Killzone, The Order...basically 1st year games.

The community would have a fit. Even if they weren't the highest rated games, there would be an avalanche of articles. But this is given a pass. And having to spend $80 to play them all? Ridiculous.

But you got those excusing this because it doesn't affect them. But it **will** affect a new buyer. It's never okay to take away the ability to play some games. Just ask Microsoft with the SAD Edition.

Tiqila9d ago (Edited 9d ago )

I was actually responding to Kyro.

Anyway, I don't think the switch lite is a newer OG switch model and that all switch models from now on will be portable only. It is more like the psp go.

Everyone should be able to see the difference.

TK-669d ago (Edited 9d ago )

False analogy because that has actually happened. Or did you forget that the original Xbox One launched with Kinect in the box? We're you outraged that Kinect games cannot be played on the newer models? No? Then stop being a hypocrite.

If you're being honest you'd acknowledge that you don't actually want to play 3 of the games listed and most likely don't want to play Mario Party either. You're feigning outrage so don't pretend you're doing it for some higher pro-consumer purpose.

Just buy an OG Switch. The difference is that these models are made to be sold alongside one another. This isn't phasing out the OG Switch so it's fine. If any of the 4 games in this article interest you then you'll want the OG model. There is no pass being given because you can't actually draw Ana accurate analogy with any of its competitors outside of the Kinect and there was no outrage over that.

Tiqila9d ago (Edited 9d ago )

False analogy. No one takes away games from the OG Switch.
A correct analogy would be the removal of backwards compatibility with the newer models of ps3. But they patched it away from the OG consoles also, so that was worse and the majority did not really care. (I know, because I cared.)

Apocalypse Shadow9d ago

You can't play certain games on the newer model Switch. That's taking away the ability to play all some games for the system. Yeah. Just like PS3 since you brought it up. I bought the Fat version. But BC not on later systems was bad too.

You tried to catch didn't. Both aren't cool. Systems should play all games. Not remove some from being able to be played.

Tross8d ago (Edited 8d ago )

They did not "patch away" B/C on OG PS3s. I know this because I could play PS2 discs on mine right up until it croaked, and I was fortunate to have it for a good 7 years. They did however remove it from later models, yes, because those models did not have the components. Still not a great analogy though as most people weren't buying PS3s to play PS2 games by mid-gen.

A better example would be if there were PS3 games compatible with the old models and not the newer ones. I suppose it's difficult to find a true equivalent though as we're comparing the Switch to systems that don't have as many gimmicks to them. When a system has a lot of moving parts, a more simplified SKU could pose a challenge in more than one instance, as we're seeing here. Here's hoping Nintendo will include warnings on both the box of the new model that certain games may not work with it, and either "not compatible with" or "may not work with Nintendo Switch Lite", or even just "joycons required" on certain game cases going forward.

King_Noctis9d ago

I mean, it make sense that those games aren’t playable on the Switch Lite. With Labo, you need the Switch screen and the Joycons. Mario Party, Just Dance, and 1-2 Switch all need the Joycon and motion control to play. And in case you haven’t noticed, the Switch Lite doesn’t have the Joycon.

Its not like they remove support for the games just for the sake of it.

Sirk7x9d ago

And it's not like they weren't going to make this device for the sake of a handful of games. They have a very good idea of how much money they're going to make with it.

WiiU-Dude9d ago

I get your point, but the Switch Lite is still just an option. If those games are important a person can still get a regular Switch. I think at $100 less it is going to sell like crazy.

Apocalypse Shadow9d ago (Edited 9d ago )

How does a new buyer know if those games are important to them or not? They're new buyers. If it's bought for a child by a parent, then the kid sees that they can't play some games their friends are playing. Who's fault is that?


Yeah. It will sell like crazy. I'm not doubting it.

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lptmg9d ago

you CAN play it with normal controls. It's not fun, but it's playable

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