The DSi is Overkill

This gamer, who contributed this article to, thinks that the DSi is just too small. He seems to want a little more "meat" on his handhelds. Check out the full article after the jump.

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RKRigney3685d ago

Meh. I'm not complaining about DSware (or whatever they're calling it)

tinydancer3685d ago

True dat. Has it been confirmed whether or not there will be original Game Boy games and the like for offer there as well?

tinydancer3685d ago

I suppose that this is supposed to (sort of) be Nintendo's answer to the PSP 3000.

Volvobug3685d ago

Heh I approve this article. It wins.

buy a ps33685d ago (Edited 3685d ago )

small is a trend that is really big in JPN. this is not OVERKILL

CrippleH3685d ago

The price sure is overkill though.

Cost more then a PSP 3000 and Ds was about $100 cheaper at launch.
Major customer milkage.

ChickeyCantor3685d ago

If the PSP was selling like hot[insert food] from the beginning a "price" drop wouldn't be going so low with the PSP.

SaiyanFury3685d ago (Edited 3685d ago )

Ah yes, the changing of the tide is indeed occurring. Once one person says one thing against Nintendo, Sidar shows up to refute with the predictability of said tide change. Lord knows that any company will milk a series for all it's worth, but Nintendo is the worst for this crime. They've been milking Mario for years. A Mario soccer game? Baseball game? $hit, even a Mario DDR game licensed to Konami on the GameCube. And how many others? We've seen Sega do the same thing with Sonic several times, but Nintendo continues the trend of milking more than other companies. When is the new Metroid coming out? The new Mario? The new Zelda? The new Mario Kart? The new Super Smash Brothers? The new Pokemon? They don't only milk a few franchises, they milk ALL of their established franchises, and the core Nintendo fans continue to eat them up. I liked Pokemon Yellow back in 01, but that was the last one I got. They're still releasing Pokemon sequels to this day adding more and more Pokemon. No doubt that a company will milk a series with a few sequels, but Nintendo has a long history of doing so with all of it's major contributors. Mere opinion doesn't change that no matter how much you try to defend one company.
And to say that Gears 2 is "milking" the series is rubbish.

If Epic Games continues to make games for the series on 360 beyond Gears 3, that could be considered milking the series. Up until part 3 that could be considered a trilogy and it could end there. Sorry, personal opinion here, but "milking" a series goes beyond one or possibly two sequels.

ChickeyCantor3685d ago (Edited 3685d ago )


first of STFU? You clearly misunderstood my posts.

" but Nintendo is the worst for this crime. They've been milking Mario for years"

Where was i arguing this? I'm only pointing out that every game is milked. Thats it.
And going to cry about how much one company has done it, doesn't mean sh/t all companies do it.

And for crying out loud these guys are in the bizz for over 30 years.
You expect them to drop their franchises?
Who gives a F*ck how much a company is doing it? Cause all of them are doing it.

So 3 = Milking?
LMAO, i repeat they make a second game because the first one sold very well. And to them thats a noBrainer, Milk until people stop buying it. A sequel = Milking.

And for F*ck sakes im not hating Gears of War, I don't think Milking something is bad at all.

There is a Difference between Milking your franchise, and doing different stuff on the inside.

That's what i was pointing out to Cliffy below, We can all say they are doing the same thing, but you wouldn't know unless you actually played all of them.
The general things are alike, but the innovation with these games are the gameplay elements. Not the characters, not the Titles.

Link, Mario whatever are just placeholders for characters, and people love them. But this doesn't mean there is totally nothing new at all.

I have played almost every zelda or mario game, and i know that on the outside they would look the same, but so does Gears of war 2 to me too now, but i won't understand the "new" features or gameplay elements unless i actually play the game.

Saying Nintendo isn't doing anything new at all is the same as People who make FPS games didn't improve jack after Doom.

And Milking and "the samething" have barely anything to do with each other. It's milking of a FRANCHISE no matter how it's being put forward.

Also who wouldn't love a new game From Nintendo?
But even that game will be milked once every gamer loves it...
SO i see no point in saying Nintendo is milking their franchises...cozz it will happen anyway.

SaiyanFury3685d ago

My point is that not ALL companies do it. Some companies try to come up with new things. Nintendo comes up with casual properties, but not to appeal to anyone outside their core or the casuals. Of course companies will milk things, but my point is not to the point of Nintendo. They have been around for a long time, this is true. But during that time, they've had plenty of time to come up with new things. But they still milk the same series' they made so long ago. I'm not saying they should discontinue the series' that are established but make something new that could appeal to the core gamers outside the core Nintendo audience. I really don't think that's too hard.

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