Disney's Aladdin And The Lion King Delisted From Via Publisher Request

Two Disney titles have been removed from, Disney's Aladdin and Disney's The Lion King. The classic 16-bit retro platformers are no longer available on

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TeamIcoFan12d ago

All digital is the future everyone!

DaDrunkenJester12d ago

Delisted doens't mean it's gone from your harddrive if you already own it. Just means it's not for sale any longer.

Sgt_Slaughter12d ago

The point is that now you can't stumbling upon a game like this and buy it in the future like you can with a physical game. For anyone who didn't buy it/didn't know it existed, it's gone forever (legally/legitly). That's a huge issue going forward.

badz14912d ago

I didn't know that these games are available on PC?! are these native PC ports or running on emulators? if this is true, I'm missing out. damn...

shaggy230311d ago

Possibly a way for Disney to do a quick "Remaster" and re-release them to coincide with the "live action" versions of the films.

spicelicka11d ago

Yes but if it's a DRM locked game you can't share or re-sell it like you could with physical, so anyone wants it in the future can't get unless another source has it.

darthv7211d ago

Exactly. this sort of thing happens to all media formats. Hell... I'd love to buy a copy of Kiss meets the Phantom (as I had it on VHS years ago but lost it). I cant because it is out of print and there is no DVD copy available to buy.

People who think it sucks for games don't know the struggle for other formats as well. Delisting is the same as out of print. It happens.

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BrainSyphoned12d ago

Will be on Epic tomorrow I’m sure.

awdevoftw12d ago

Delisting is why I dont like digital. Unfortunately, it will be more common as the industry pushes towards it.

Da_Ocsta12d ago

Guess I'll just sail the high seas as usual. Yo ho ho biatch.

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