Square Enix says there are ‘no plans for Final Fantasy VII Remake on other platforms’

Square Enix says it has “no plans” to release Final Fantasy VII Remake on platforms other than PS4. The firm issued a statement to VGC on the matter after Xbox Germany posted a video to its Facebook page suggesting the game will be released on Xbox One as well as PS4 on March 3, 2020.

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Juusterey447d ago

cough cough kingdom hearts collection cough cough

WombBat447d ago

Not sure what that has to do with FFVII:Remake?

Anyways, this is a bombshell because everybody assumed FFVIIR would be multiplatform, and it's not! Huge win for Sony.

I'm sure in a few years it'll come out, but maybe it could be a gen after its released

Pickledpepper447d ago

I love ff7 but the remake looks to be a hack n slash button bashing game and to me that's not what final fantasy is about, so not bothered that it's not coming to Xbox.
And before all the fanboi's attempt any XBOX remarks, I also own on ps4 as Well and will not be buying ff7, I have the remastered version which is brilliant.
If it ain't broke don't fix it.

Mroc13447d ago

@Pickledpepper not sure why you're getting downvoted. I agree with you. The new style feels broken. Either make it a true action hack and slash or make it turn based. I'd prefer if hey adopted the control scheme from The Witcher even though that was the weakest part of the game. It's still better than what we have now

Juusterey447d ago

The same thing was said about kh collection
"No plans for PS4 version"

Snookies12447d ago (Edited 447d ago )

@Pickledpepper - It is CLEARLY not a hack and slash whatsoever... It goes into extreme slow-motion when you bring up your command menus. It is essentially a turn-based RPG except you can maneuver the battlefield and instead of consantly hitting "Attack" on your menu every turn. You actually get to do something during that downtime of not using abilities or commands. It is more involving and is a perfect evolution of what the combat system should be.

I am a veteran FF fan, played every single game multiple times from the very first FF:I on NES to FF:XV on PS4. FF VII Remake is a wonderful blend of action and turn-based strategy. A combat system that they've put a lot of thought into. Can't believe there are still people thinking it's a pure action game now. You apparently didn't watch anything from E3. There is a lot more strategy involved now that you can actually move around during combat and swap characters on the fly. As someone that has a very special place in my heart for FF:VII and beaten it more times than I can count. This is just what the Remake deserves to be. Something far more grand than the original, in both scale and gameplay.

S2Killinit447d ago

Wow so its exclusive to PS4. That is pretty big news.

indysurfn447d ago

They said the same about kingdom hearts and everyone knows that using the phrase: “no plans" means. It will release as soon as they get the chance past the exclusive window.

Babadook7447d ago (Edited 447d ago )

The announcement video for FF7 Remake clearly ended with “play it first on ps4”. The only questions remaining are; is it ever coming to other system(s), and if it is, which system(s) and how long will the wait be?

AsunaYuukiTheFlash447d ago

@Babadook7 It means You play it 1st on the Ps4 then it will be ported to the PS5.

rainslacker447d ago

It might be one day. But as of now there aren't any plans for it. One can wait it out, or just buy it on ps4

Potnoodle999447d ago

Now here come the Xbox fanboys to say they hate the way this fantastic looking remake looks. Have not seen one gaming site say that the game plays anything less than fantastically. But NOW the game is terrible 😂

They have no shame.

smashman98447d ago

If you think this isn't PR speak then you're wrong it will most definitely be coming to other consoles

Dragonscale447d ago (Edited 447d ago )

Typical downplaying now that the game isn't gonna be on anything but PS4 lol.

nitus10447d ago (Edited 447d ago )

From Final Fantasy IV "Active Time Battle" (ATB) has been an option on most games up to FF12 (discounting FF11 and FF14). The exceptions being FF7, FF8 and FF10 although from what I can gather FF7 remake will have an ATB.

Love it or hate it ATB in most cases has been optional although if you have ever played FF12 you would most likely be a masochist if you tried to play the game using turn-based only. To play FF12 it is best to use ATB or if you wish to be technical about it "Active Dimensional Battle" (ADB) where in the case of a difficult enemy pause and either reprogram you're "gambits" using fairly simple boolean algebra. Of course, you could switch to "turn-based battle". https://finalfantasy.fandom...

Final Fantasy 13 used what is called the "Paradigm system" which is a form of an ATB which "allows the player to program six different roles which the characters can then assume to perform certain formations in battle in response to the specific conditions". Get it right most battles like in FF12 could be automatic but unlike FF12 you cannot pause and change your attributes although you can rapidly change between healing, attack (magic, physical and summons) as well as buff/debuffing.

FF15 is action only and to play the game properly you really should go through the tutorial which depending on how good a player you are can take well over an hour.

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Juusterey447d ago

He's getting downvotes fire saying incorrect things
Like saying it look to be a hack and slash button mashety

BLizardXD447d ago (Edited 447d ago )

from the same source that posted FF7 in 2 parts weeks before E3. -

Final Fantasy VII Remake Xbox Announced Then Deleted by Microsoft

Eonjay447d ago

Square likes a good joke. And play it first on PS4 means play it second on PS5.

RedDevils447d ago

Fact is you won't be playing FF7 on any other platforms other than PS4. By the time it done with PS4 we already moving to the next gen. So keep waiting for it on your xbox lol

RememberThe357447d ago

Pretty much, there's really no reason why the game couldn't be on other platforms. PC and Xbox offer ten/hundreds of millions in revenue for Square, they're not gonna just leave that sitting there and Sony doesn't really need the exclusivity to be forever for it to be effective.

NXFather447d ago Show
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ArchangelMike447d ago

Yeah they always say that when the exclusive period is still in force. The moment that period it expires, it'll be out on other platforms - you just watch.

zoramax447d ago

Yep, there is no way this isn't coming out at least on PC.

By the time all the parts are released it will be on every platform available.

DarXyde447d ago

"No plan" in that context would be lying though. It means the intention is not there at this time and no work has been or is being done on other versions.

My guess is that there is "no plan" because there is already action or commitment.

Personally, I'm curious to understand the parameters of Final Fantasy VII Remake's exclusivity. We know it's "play first on PS4" and I wonder if that means PC or PS5 or Xbox One/Scarlett. I'll be playing on PS4, so there's no concern there, but I am interested. It definitely will not be only on PS4, so one wonders.

The "no plan" comment makes me think it'll be at least 6 months before other versions are available-- in which case, that's around the time next generation hardware is expected.

ziggurcat447d ago

It'll be on PC as well, so I think that's what "play it first on PS4" means.

It would not surprise me, though, if this made its way to Xbox as well. I don't see any reason why not.

Kribwalker447d ago

Pubg, crash bandicoot, nier automata, etc etc hell even Rise of the Tomb Raider they were saying that at one point.

It’s definitely in the works, or they wouldn’t have said “play first on PS4” or it would have said only on playstation on the box art.

S2Killinit447d ago

Maybe years after release on PS4.

OB1Biker447d ago (Edited 447d ago )

It's definitely in the work for PS5 that's for sure.
I think possibly Scarlet too to be fair.

DarXyde446d ago

Rise of the Tomb Raider was blatant. Microsoft literally used the most obvious language to announce it: "coming exclusively to Xbox in 2015." That's pretty clearly intended to mislead.

Crash Bandicoot, by virtue of who Activision is, was obvious.

PUBG, who can say...

With Final Fantasy VII Remake, the only certainty is that PS4 is not the only platform. At the very least, I'm expecting a release on PC, but honestly, who knows? Not me, and certainly not you.

S2Killinit447d ago (Edited 447d ago )

Usually when they say “no plans” means they havent started working on any other platform which makes it very likely that it stays that way or that it will only be available elsewhere in years after release. Pretty much it means “its exclusive but who knows maybe one day it will be funded and published by someone else will to fork out”.

If its in the works, they dont say “no plans”. They avoid the question.

Kribwalker447d ago

well that released a year later, and it was square that was saying no xbox

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FallenAngel1984447d ago

First time a major Final Fantasy project was released as an exclusive since Final Fantasy XII

DarkOcelet447d ago (Edited 447d ago )

Its a timed exclusive though. Even Sony themselves confirmed that.

Just watch the last seconds.

Juusterey447d ago

Can't really use 4 year old teaser as an argument against modern news

dumahim447d ago


They wouldn't have put play it first on playstation if a deal wasn't already in place.

AsunaYuukiTheFlash447d ago (Edited 447d ago )

@DarkOcelot yup you can play it 1st on the PS4 then it will be ported to the PS5.

TricksterArrow447d ago

I don't doubt there are currently no plans for other platforms, but they will come eventually.