Sorry Stadia, but I’m Sticking With xCloud at Launch

There’s just something strange to me about choosing a service in which I can’t even download my games over one that I can when both offer similar streaming performance.

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WickedLester12d ago

Sorry Stadia and XCloud, but Im sticking with traditional consoles at launch, at mid gen, and beyond next gen!

Oathbreaker12d ago (Edited 12d ago )

Obviously. You've got access to physical discs, gamepass/digital and xCloud on Xbox.

Stadia is streaming only. No other option.

timotim12d ago (Edited 12d ago )

Exactly. Nothing else needs to be said. Microsoft gives gamers options in their ecosystem to go local in the home, to go local or streaming on the go and have it all integrate together regardless. They are the only ones doing this. Stadia forces you to stream regardless in the home or otherwise...going local is not an option. It's no contest.

lxeasy12d ago

I'm def sticking with XCloud when I'm on the go. I have no interest in paying for stadia...

Elda12d ago

Sorry Stadia but I'm sticking with that next gen console when released.

AK9112d ago

I’ll just stick with traditional consoles, game streaming isn't happening anytime soon.