Why are Video Games So Expensive? The Truth About Game Cost

Newsarama takes a look at how much it costs to make a video game, and tries to answer the question, "Is $60 too much to pay for a game?"

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CrippleH4050d ago

This fool think the beginning CGI of MGS4 can fill movies or MGS4 cutscenes are CGI! lmao.

hay4050d ago

I may have overlooked it but where he mentioned it?
MGS4 is full of cutscenes which may fit into few movies, that's why is worth twice the money i spent on it. In comparison to other half-assed, short games which cost the same ammount of cash, it's incredible. Every PS3 owner should play the game just cause of technical incredibility it shows.

Making games is a risky business but I think the big part of success lies in designer and suits that give them freedom of choice and some nice funding.

Rhythmattic4049d ago

For me , Personally, MGS4's Cutscene's made it immersive, But for some, it was disconnecting....

Poor Buggers......

shawnsl654049d ago

yeah i was extremely skeptical as to how MGS4 would turn out with all it's hype, but once I played it.. i was like WTF am I playing a PURE CG game WOW. Yeah my first impression was WOW how is this possible *clunks head*.

omodis4204050d ago

Because game publishers are greedy.

hay4050d ago

Sony's trying to make publishers obsolete for PS3 so games may be cheaper in near future as a result of that move.

yeswecan844050d ago

In NZ, MK: DC Universe is selling for $139.95.

shovelbum4049d ago

I don't think it's too much to pay for some games but let's face it, not all games warrant that price (Area 51, Turning Point, etc...). I have between 35-40 xbox 360 and PS3 games (14 for Wii) but I'd have double that if the prices were in the $40-45 range. Either way, in the past month I picked up Gears 2, FC2, LBP, Fallout 3 and Dead Space so the price doesn't deter me if I'm interested in it.

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heroicjanitor4050d ago

Wii games obviously cost nothing to make yet they are the same price as ps3 games! Nintendo has been caught multiple times trying to raise the price of games but the fact is the law states they are charging the absolute maximum and that it is illegal to rip customers off any more. Probably the reason I don't buy many wii games. 50 euros for de blob? just go away. And why the hell did you have to ruin that for me double three? It isn't out in Ireland yet so I didn't have the chance to find that out yet.

majorsuave4049d ago

actually, they are usually 50$ when the same title is 60$ on ps3 or 360. well in Canada it is.

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The story is too old to be commented.