Opinion: Does The Platform Really Matter

James Moody writes: I know, I know… this is something of a loaded question, and a controversial topic to be sure!  That said, with opinion so often fiercely divided into several different camps, it is seemingly a question worthy of further enquiry.

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Apocalypse Shadow6d ago (Edited 6d ago )

Digging through all that hoo haw of blah blah blah....blah blah this:

Console preference is subjective. Console 'strategy' And how it benefits the gamer in the long run is not.We've seen how when a console is leading, it changes the direction of the industry. Not always for the better.

When Nintendo was leading in the past, they created policies and contracts to try and stifle competition. Some games couldn't be brought to other systems because of it. When leading with motion control, we seen how core gamers had to take a back seat to casual games and controls. Which affected other systems. They also drag their feet on technology.

With Microsoft artificially lead because of launching first, we seen how broken systems were accepted as okay as long as it can keep getting fixed. We seen how shooters became prevalent and traditional Japanese games were not only trashed, but changed to be more westernized when they were fine the way they were. I like their quirkiness and still like turn based rpgs. We also seen how Microsoft pushed online connection because they wanted you to pay for a service. Single player doesn't require you to pay for a service. They don't like that. And then there was DRM2013. Which I'm glad it failed to catch on.

Sony time and time again, makes new franchises and continues existing IP. Offers a variety of games even when they don't sell in the millions. Because someone out there will play those games. Which increases sales. They had free online and still do on PS3. When creating Plus, they gave back more than you pay in. They don't require an internet connection or push micro transactions for their in house IP. You get a complete single player experience like the old days.

I'm not saying what system you should buy. But I know what company gamers should support if they want the game industry to continue to be friendly to gamer's wallets. I would never support a company just because. That would be like forgiving EA for all that they've done. That's not happening. Even When companies like Square-Enix tried to force parody(which was BS Because their games still sold better on PS)
the company doing the most work for gamers was still Sony. I support the company that supports me, the gamer. I want them to continue being market leader. I used to buy them all. Now I only buy one console. And it's enough.

Zeke685d ago

You forgot Sony gave us PSVR too. 😉
Here, have an upvote from me 🤘

CorndogBurglar5d ago (Edited 5d ago )

I don't mean to speak for Apocalypse, so I'll explain how I took his comment.

I don't think he forgot PSVR. He's mentioning how certain consoles can effect the rest of the industry based on what they do. VR was around long before PSVR, and to this day, years later, we haven't seen MS or Nintendo release their own VR. So I wouldn't say PSVR is shaping the industry. It's a great peripheral. But not a game changer like motion controls were, for instance, how all it took was Nintendo selling millions and millions of Wii's to make MS come out with their Kinect and Sony to come out with their motion controls.

When it comes to VR, it's more fair to say that PC's lead the way on that, as VR was around for PC's before PSVR jumped on board.

Maybe he didn't mean any of what I said, but that's how I take it. Lol

Zeke685d ago

I agree 100%. I just think Sony don't get enough credit for their VR support so I just wanted to add that to the conversation. 🤘😁👍

ukchi3f4d ago

Do you think VR in the home will catch on in the next 5 years?
Having used it alot in home as well as at specific events, to me the hype is a bit overstated at present.
Good games don't get me wrong but bearing in mind what our TV screens produce I fear many gamers will ditch it as quality isn't there yet.

ukchi3f5d ago

You raise some good points there, especially doing things for gamers.
I like how the digital content is now evolving, with plus and games pass and the new ultimate package.
For a really good yearly price if you shop in the right place you can have hundreds of games for sub £100 and your set for the year.
I think we will see more as time evolves