11 Second-Party Studios Sony Might Buy

Throughout Sony's reign this console generation, their first-party studios have arguably been their strongest and shiniest asset.

After losing built-in third-party support during the PS3 generation, they began grafting a group of in-house developers that has remained solid and untouched throughout the current PS4 era (asides from Guerilla Cambridge shutting in 2014).

It's not a secret that Microsoft whipped out their wallet this past year to take their unbalanced first-party line-up and chisel them into a jaw-dropping bevvy of incredible talents that now stands count-for-count with Sony's studio numbers. It will take a few good years for the dividends to pay off, but the gauntlet has been laid down.

Unlike Microsoft, who threw their Bill Gates money at a slew of distinctly individual and eccentric developers (with most not holding historical ties to Microsoft), Sony's approach has always been different; they tend to nurture a tight-knit and loyal relationship with a second-party studio over the years, then when the next natural step is ownership; they seal the deal.

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yellowgerbil12d ago

They need to diversify. Get a dedicated platformer team making crash, spyro, ape escape, sly cooper style games. Get an jrpg studio. Get a fpS online focused team. Get a team to make rhythm and puzzlers.
Basically they got best in class tps games. I want to see that level if perfection taken to other genres.

Poopmist12d ago

I'm not clicking next that many times

strotee12d ago

11. Sanzaru Games
10. Clap Hanz
9. Ready At Dawn
8. Hello Games
7. Bluepoint Games
6. Supermassive Games
5. Thatgamecompany
4. Kojima Productions
3. Housemarque
2. Quantic Dream
1. Insomniac

Elda12d ago

No need for guesses,Sony will eventually confirm what studios they'll decide to buy.