Why Do News Outlets Not Take Esports Seriously?

CoG looks into helping us understand why news outlets aren’t adopting esports and the difficulties they have in presenting this information.

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Juusterey13d ago

because they're a bunch of old, out of touch people appealing to a very different demographic

EDKICK12d ago

I'm neither old nor out of touch. I have huge interest in gaming and the gaming industry but have no interest in Esports, and thus in a naturally the outlets/channels I gravitate towards tend to not have much interest in Esports either. And knowing they're not passionate or knowledgeable on the topic I'm glad they don't try and "fake" being into it to appeal to an audience that isn't theirs. Now I'm certainly not saying only view the content of people who agree with your opinions, that's an entirely different issue with the games industry. However we should just let people who don't care about Esports watch the content of people who don't care about Esports, people who care about Esports watch the content of people who care about Esports, and people who care about both.....ect ect. If you ask every outlet/channel to ditch their interests and expertise for the sake of covering everything that appeals to everyone then none of that content really has any meaning imo.

NecrumOddBoy12d ago

Does no one remember G4tv with Will Wheaton's show Arena? People used to love it, but now gaming media is too focus on "woke" issues like the amount of melanin in the digital skin tone of a fake character and why that is oppressive.

I personally don't care about eSports since is not a sport, its a game.

Fist4achin12d ago

I'm not into watching others play games or at least not for too long, although I do recognize there are some gamers that can do some crazy amazing things in a game.

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rainslacker11d ago

ESports gets more coverage than some other sports, which I'd actually consider sports more than eSports.

SegaGamer12d ago

I just find everything about esports incredibly cringeworthy.

Flewid63812d ago (Edited 12d ago )

Nothing that isn't standard cringe fodder in anything else gaming related.

drpepperdude12d ago

I'm a huge gamer but I find most of esports boring. Most of the games they play are filled with microtransactions.

Kostche12d ago

it is, the hosts are so cringy, its worse than watching people whore themselves out on twitch and youtube

Imalwaysright12d ago

When I was a kid I loved gaming culture. Today, I'm ashamed of it.

Elwenil12d ago

Agreed. IT feels very manufactured to me. Like some focus group came up with the idea, and it's being pushed as something I am supposed to like. The announcers and players are all overly animated and loud as though they are having a great time and therefore I am supposed to want to have a great time like they are. The whole thing makes me feel about the same as I do when I see overly obvious and unnecessary product placement in a movie.

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Apocalypse Shadow12d ago (Edited 12d ago )

Because it hasn't proven that it's a sport yet. Real sports require physical skill, hand and eye coordination. And something like Chess requires mental skill. Strategies that are great for war tactics. Videogames has those attributes. But not the time needed to be accepted like other games.

Also, Videogames are still looked down on and frowned upon by society as a needless pastime. Or something to divert your kids attention while you supposedly do "adult things."

Even when it's proven that playing games increases coordination, puzzle solving, dexterity, etc that has been effective in being a doctor or real race car driver, acceptance takes time. And not because they're old and out of touch like the post above. Old people can still learn new things and accept new things.

FTANK12d ago

News outlets dont even take real news seriously, sp why so surprised?
They are paid propagandists, agitators, and market makers that help sell products or ruin the reputation of those on the wrong side of their fence.

Want establishment news to report E-Sports? Then you better start paying money or start shilling political agitprop

dedicatedtogamers12d ago

News outlets don't take themselves seriously. Have you watched the news recently?

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