Nintendo is Quietly Updating Original Switch’s CPU and Storage

The Nintendo Switch Lite was announced this morning, but it seems the system's original model is also getting some upgrades.

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FallenAngel19847d ago

Nintendo really should increase the pathetically small storage space for Switch at this point

Jin_Sakai7d ago

Agreed. The measly 32GB is a joke.

nitus107d ago

It's worse than that. Yes, the Switch does have 32GB of storage but about 7GB is reserved for system software leaving 25GB available for games.

Of course, because the Switch allows the player to install a microSDXC card you can easily expand the storage up to 1TB, In addition, you can also purchase games that come on microSDXC cards but those games will cost more than if those games were on a Bluray disk.

mikeslemonade7d ago

All systems upgrade the CPU even when there’s no new version, ie. remember the falcon chipset for the Xbox 360 that fixed the RRoD.

So nothing special by Nintendo. Nintendo stock should have plummeted on the Nintendo Switch Lite announcement.

MasterChief36247d ago

Yeah, 32 GB was even a risky size for the Wii U Deluxe Edition. With the average size of retail games on Switch, and that reliance on the end-user to download a vast majority of the content of even physical cartridges, 32 GB is laughable. When there are some games that don't even fit into your allotted storage capacity, you are doing something wrong. From a business sense, I guess it is cheaper to do that and pass the expense of extra storage onto the end consumer, but it is so glaring that it also reflects poorly on you as the manufacturer, making you seem more like a schmuck.

Neonridr7d ago

yep, 32 is rather small. Thankfully I put in a 256GB microSD card (which was ridiculously cheap) and now I am good to go.

Neonridr7d ago (Edited 7d ago )

@Knushwood - sure.. what if they went the Apple route and locked the hardware to a specific size, or went the Sony route and used some proprietary memory option and charged a fortune for it. Thankfully microSD cards are only getting cheaper and the Switch supports up to 2TB cards (when they exist).

Just think, I can add 256GB of memory for like $40, whereas I am willing to bet if Nintendo included more memory in the unit they would charge you a heck of a lot more.

Smitty20207d ago (Edited 7d ago )

dono why you got a disagree because i did the same,am not thankful Nintendo gave such a crap harddrive considering the size on some games but i am glad they was a micro sd slot because we all would b deleting games just to download a new one.

Sgt_Slaughter7d ago

@Butt you completely misread his comment when it was clear what he meant by "thankfully".

Concertoine7d ago (Edited 7d ago )

As someone that buys physical and digital, their storage solution is actually not bad for me. You dont need to install physical switch games (outside of partial installs) so a 256GB card is more than enough. An XB1X comes with 1TB of storage but thats only good for 10-15 games, and a decent hard drive will cost way more than microSD’s that are constantly on sale.

dantesparda7d ago

Thank you Nintendo for being so cheap and inadequate that i now have to pay $40 more dollars for your already ridiculously overpriced system to get a somewhat adequate amount of storage. Thank you so much. Oh and btw, I can get a 1TB SSD for that price. And you talk about Sony making you pay more for their choice of memory storage but you are also paying more for Nintendo's choice of memory storage. You can only use MicroSD cards on the Switch which are more expensive than hardrives. I can get a 1TB HDD for $40.

GameBoyColor7d ago

Not even a problem to upgrade the storage for cheap, I had to do it for my ps4 because you could only fit a few games in 500gb lmao I dont see anyone talking about that

xenz7d ago

Wohoo, microSD! Yes, it's nice having that option, but it's soooo slow compared to internal storage. Also, Nintendo only offering 32GB is just because they want that extra money.

Neonridr6d ago

@dantesparda - you CANNOT get a 1TB SSD drive for $40, please just stop with that ridiculous nonsense.

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3-4-57d ago

Get a memory card like everyone else and stop complaining. The solution is are just whining.

iplay1up27d ago

Why? I bought a 120 gigabyte micro SD for $18. By next year 256 gig will be that price. I guess I if you want to add cost, instead of getting a Micro SD. Knowing Nintendo any added storage, will be a max of 64 gig. Of course I am speculating.

T1125P7d ago

Yes indeed. At least 64 or even 128GB

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Inzo7d ago

Quietly? No they are not. Its no secret that Nintendo is set to release a more powerful Switch model.

Inzo7d ago and BT Games( My local game store) the same people who told me weeks ago via FB that there will be a Switch light. They were 100% right about that I am not going to doubt them now

But in fairness let me rephrase. "It is no secret to me that Nintendo is set to release a more powerful Switch model." Like what Sony did with the PS4 Pro.

TheGamingArt7d ago (Edited 7d ago )

@Inzo, sorry man. You have some really bad sources and amongst the communities deep in the know and reliable rumor sources, non are noting any signs of a “pro” switch in the playing cards. It’s also highly unlike Nintendo as a company would do something like that. The odds are 100% against your theory.

Razmiran7d ago

His uncle who works at nintendo

Inzo7d ago

Yes the O-RIG-IN-AL. It will just be a more powerful version, like what the PS4 Pro was.

Juusterey7d ago

updating original means original getting update

Inzo7d ago

What??? So the PS4 Pro is not an updated version of the original PS4???

Juusterey7d ago

read the article
even the damn preview
then feel stupid
and then either stubbornly pretend you're still right
or never return to admit being wrong

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Oywee7d ago (Edited 7d ago )

I guess this is not the first time Nintendo quietly upgrading upcoming "issues'. The first big case the Nintendo Switch had, were the their first earlys runs, were the buildt-in LCD-screen got burned/damaged. Mine got broken only three weeks after the purchase (even on full light settings the screen looked still way to dark, and still do today).
Nintendo had lots of similar cases like this and later went out stating that the screen cells were not dead or damaged at all, so no warranty at all. No more explanations were given. This is the first time I can ever remember Nintendo messed up really big. From my story you could probably learn, NEVER buy the first batch/run on the market from Nintendo. Wait a bit and see if the product is still satisfying the costumers. Cheers!

Shiken7d ago

My launch Switch has zero issues.

Oywee7d ago (Edited 7d ago )

Shiken: Good to hear yours is working fine. My first thought was that I just had some bad luck with particular this one, but later there were lots of similar cases and complaints on the internet. So I`m pretty positive that Nintendo (quietly on the backroom) upgraded/fixed this issue before releasing their next batches. Cheers!

KeenBean3457d ago

Same here, I never experienced joycon drift as well so idk if I'm just lucky

Knushwood Butt7d ago

You don't exactly quality as impartial.

Shiken7d ago

Knushwood Butt

You, someone who I doubt has all three consoles, are claiming that I, someone who DOES own and play all three consoles, am the one who is impartial?

Do you even know what impartial mean? Cause I don't think you do 😏

Knushwood Butt7d ago

I'm not impartial at all.

I dislike Nintendo and their practices.

I simply don't have much interest in MS and their offerings. Never have, doubt if I ever will.

Shiken7d ago

knushwood Butt

So what you are saying is that you can have a preference, but other people cannot without being seen as impartial...

I will ask you know what impartial means? Cause I don't think you do...

Knushwood Butt6d ago

Read your own comment dude, it doesn't even make sense.

'You, someone who I doubt has all three consoles, are claiming that I, someone who DOES own and play all three consoles, am the one who is impartial?'.

Shiken6d ago (Edited 6d ago )


Yeah I know. I meant to say partial, but I kept writing impartial. Noticed too late to edit, in fact I expected a reply a lot sooner calling me out. Nothing I can say at that point. You win this round, I will even give you an up vote lol.

Knushwood Butt6d ago

No worries. I'm just killing time on here. It's nothing personal :)

You'll probably win the next round.

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Neonridr7d ago (Edited 7d ago )

my launch Switch is going fine. No cracks, no bends from heat, certainly no screen issues.

Nintendo had *SOME* cases of this, much like SOME PS4 users reported their Dual Shock rubber analog sticks falling apart.

Nintendo has some of the best QC out there, their hardware is very reliable. Remember, you are only hearing horror stories from the bad cases, if everyone who had working units reported as well you would see how slanted it is in a positive light.

Knushwood Butt7d ago

Sweet. The launch Switch just got stealth upgraded. You don't need to double dip.

Ladies and Gentlemen, another satisfied customer!

Neonridr7d ago

@Knushwood - I haven't had any hardware issues since my OG Xbox 360 got the RROD.

execution177d ago

They're joycons are crap tho, the wireless doesn't work as intended if your switch is near a router or if your phone is near by, or how they randomly disconnect or the drifting issues

Neonridr7d ago

@execution17 - that might be the case for some, I don't know because I use the pro controller when sitting at home, so I don't have that issue.

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Sirk7x7d ago (Edited 7d ago )

There are many reasons why they would want to update the chip. One is manufacturing. If companies are set up to mass produce with newer methods/materials/what have you, it can save them money in bulk. Also, the original chip used in the Switch has a notorious exploit that makes it ludicrously easy to hack. It was patched, but that's merely a stopgap, and it has already been hacked up to certain firmwares as well. Having a more power-efficient version of the X1 allows it to run at the speeds it is able to, with less heating problems. Even in docked mode, it's considered under-clocked. Same chip used in the Shield TV, but at higher clock speeds. So if Nintendo can make it so it draws less power, and therefore create less heat, it can operate at more efficiency at higher speeds, meaning improvement in games.
Also, my launch Switch still functions perfectly, but unfortunately all hardware does have a failure rate :( Very sorry to hear about yours. With 32 million sold, even with a .5 percent failure rate (no idea what the Switch's is, just a random number, but that is incredibly low for consoles, for instance, the ps3 was 10 percent), that's still 160,000 people who got faulty hardware. Tech can be very faulty and fragile.

Oywee7d ago

Why are people downvoting my personal honest opinion about this?
It`s like I`m telling you I`m having a problem, and some other idiot telling me, "No, you are not"!
This N4G up/downvotes has seriously become a joke. :/

Knushwood Butt7d ago

Because blind Nintendo fans will defend Nintendo, regardless.

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Juusterey7d ago

maybe the should quietly say their online is behind
and loudly proclaim they're updating the switch

micdagoat197d ago

I really have just wanted bluetooth headset support

northpaws7d ago

Bluetooth in 2019? You are so greedy, and then what? Built in voice chat support? Sony only started doing it 18 years ago with PS2 /s

micdagoat197d ago

I just recently bought a vita and was pleasantly surprised when I found out it has Bluetooth headphone support

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