COD: Modern Warfare Multiplayer Gameplay Reveal Happening Tomorrow, 2v2 "Gunfight" Mode First Look

We'll finally be able to see Modern Warfare multiplayer gameplay tomorrow, July 11! Prepare to see "Gunfight," which is an all-new 2v2 game mode.

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Crazyglues13d ago

We will actually get our first look at Multi-player, Can't wait to see this....

I'm actually pretty pumped for this game..

Nitrowolf213d ago (Edited 13d ago )

I am also, I skipped infinite and black ops 4 and ww2, but they really seem to be changing it up here from the sound of it. I’ll wait and see though, cause you know They’re hyping COD up

Hoping the gameplay tomorrow actually looks new and fresh compared to past COD

Still though, I’d prefer if they’d shown campaign instead. Not a huge MP fan, unless this really is barebones and back to basic

Dirtnapstor13d ago

Take a dive into WWII, the sp and mp are actually pretty good, less the loot box garbage.

BadElf12d ago

@Dirtnapstor I agree. WW2 is the best one in the last handful of years for sure. Good , solid updates.

excaliburps13d ago

Same. Just hope the rumor of no radar and killstreaks aren't true. Scorestreaks are better since they promote teamwork.

mark3214uk12d ago

if i see one jetpack im done

adonisisfree13d ago

Let’s hope it’s not “too realistic” lol

Dirtnapstor13d ago

I’m actually pulling for this game. Really hope it’s as edgy and profound as implied. Back to the basics like the original please.

RememberThe35712d ago

Can't take media hype seriously but I agree I'm looking forward to a more personal, grounded experience. Even if it doesn't end up being soul shaking like the previews have said, I like the idea of COD returning to its roots.

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The story is too old to be commented.