1UP: A Rare Look at Rare

With Banjo-Kazooie about to hit Xbox Live Marketplace and Rare putting the final touches on Nuts & Bolts, Banjo's next chapter, for the Xbox 360, 1UP sat down with Rare studio manager Mark Betteridge to talk about everything Rare. A 25-year veteran of Rare, Betteridge should know a thing or two about the studio. What was it like working with Nintendo -- often in the publishers' shadow?

What was the transition to Microsoft like? How did the company cope with the departure of founders Tim and Chris Stamper? Why isn't Banjo a true platformer? Are the Rare-developed Avatars for the New Xbox Experience a rip-off of Nintendo's Miis? Will gamers see another Killer Instinct or Blast Corps? The answers may surprise you in this rare look at Rare.

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