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Shenmue 3 Kickstarter Backers Will Not Receive Pre-Order Bonuses and Season Pass

YS Net clarified the game’s many editions

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Community6d ago
Neonridr7d ago

because why reward those who helped fund the idea to begin with.. :/

Apocalypse Shadow6d ago

Gets better every time.

I plan on buying it on PS4 because I love the franchise and have both on Dreamcast. But the way they are treating the original backers is crazy. Didn't expect all this nonsense coming from them.

They are not making any future friends for any future kickstarters.

HaveSumNuts6d ago

At least they not pulling a Star Citizen however it's still unethical

mikeslemonade5d ago

Tough luck, nothing is guaranteed. They don’t deserve the bonuses.

JunMei5d ago

Star Citizen is actually a fully playable game available now for backers. It's just not available to the public yet for whatever reason.

Sirk7x5d ago

If they're treating people like this already, and then selling to Epic, I'd bet they're hoping to sell out with it entirely. Get picked up and funded by an actual publisher for another game, or sell the IP entirely. It's obvious at this point it was never for the fans, or their desire to create another Shenmue out of care for it. Been about $$$ from the beginning.

StormSnooper5d ago

Isnt this in line with what they had promised though? They are just saying that the retail special edition and normal version are not related to what the backers will get as promised. Nothing is taken away, he is just clarifying. Or did nobody read the article?

ShadowWolf7125d ago

It's not really them so much as it's Deep Silver. Not the first time they've scooped up a Kickstarter game and then treated its backers like crap either.

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Gwiz6d ago

yea this is so disrespectful I don't get how they can even say something like this.

Sirk7x5d ago

Because they already got their money xD

frostypants5d ago (Edited 5d ago )

Were they promised that? No.

Giving to Kickstarter doesn't get you treated like royalty. You get what you're told you will get. People need to stop acting so entitled.

Neonridr5d ago

the devs need to remember that without the kickstarter backers, none of this would have happened. So when you start nickle and diming the most loyal of your fans, it looks bad.

dumahim5d ago

I understand the season pass. That's something being developed outside the scope of getting the game kickstarted. But pre-order bonus? That's part of the game they're keeping locked for pre-orders and sold separately, I think the kickstarters should get that at the very least as a thank you for supporting them and their patience.

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ZeekQuattro6d ago

Remember when Sony was backing this game? Lmao This is another kickstarter shit show.

shaggy23036d ago

I never got that, Sony was backing it and yet they also needed Kickstarter.

ZwVw6d ago

People consider Yoshida's $50 Kickstarter donation as Sony financially backing the game. When all they did was showcase the game at E3 with Yu Suzuki on stage and told people to go support it on Kickstarter.

SegaGamer6d ago

I hate that Shenmue 3 is going to have a season pass. Why can't I just get the full experience at launch?

timotim6d ago

What does the season pass even do for a SP only game?

KwietStorm6d ago (Edited 6d ago )

I'd imagine it adds content. It's far from the first single player game to have a season pass.

KillZallthebeast5d ago

I'm sure there were many before it but the assassins creed series has had them.

SheenuTheLegend5d ago (Edited 5d ago )

we have screwed bro. we have screwed gaming. by buying season passes, milked games, xbox lives , ps plus's ,
dlc's, supporting shady practices, pre orders and microtransactions.
sorry bro. sorry for the screw up.

Sirk7x5d ago (Edited 5d ago )

Because the game isn't finished, and they're going to promise content, take even MORE money, and then decide what they can make with it lol. Not gonna waste my disk space on this game.

FallenAngel19846d ago

Imagine the shit show if after all this controversy the game doesn’t even live up to the hype

Teflon021d 1h ago

The rerelease of 1 and 2 was a realization quick that ppl wanted a memory, not exactly that. It will be a shit show for sure