Gears of War 2 Review (OXCGN): Marcus & Dom Continue The Fight


"GoW2 continues the story of Marcus and Dom, COG soldiers fighting for the survival of the human race, against the locust. This time around the story isn't just there to move on the action. There is real emotional depth to the still overly macho storyline.

There will be moments that move you, especially if you were a fan of the original and have already connected with the characters. It will shock some people to hear this after the lack of story from Gears 1, but Gears of War 2's storyline is probably the best we have seen this year. Full of brilliant dialogue, and emotional moments, the storyline will drag you in and keep you playing."

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gaminoz4051d ago

"Gears of War 2 at least in my mind is the undisputed game of the year for 2009. "

Wow that's a big call. Can't wait to see if it is so. I'm sure glad there is more stoy in it! A bunch of shooting meathead space marines "hu-ah!" does not a story make (unless it is done in irony as with Starship Troopers...that was funny).

n4gn4gn4gn4g4051d ago

tragic death of certain characters' wives and the surprise about the locust will make it GOTY. This is the deepest story line since HALO III imo.

4051d ago
Rhythmattic4051d ago (Edited 4051d ago )

You've got to love the adds and Competition Bombarding you on the Home page... Just makes you wonder, Dosent it ?

Still , I will get my 360 Arcade, and enjoy this one.

leeeeed4051d ago

Not Gears of Fail II!

Good review :D

XboxOZ3604051d ago

Hmm, I'm a bit mixed on it myself . . . . jumping from a few different games into Gears 2 and then back, there's something just a little 'strange' about it, can't put my finger on it . .

Superfragilistic4051d ago

Nothing strange at all... In fact with the original Gears I used to interchange it with Viva Pinata! lol

I'd get all grisly and morbid and then use Viva as a change of pace. This time round I'll likely do the same with their sequels although Fable 2 is like crack, and Banjo looks like an awesome time waster alternative.

DARK WITNESS4051d ago (Edited 4051d ago )

wow, deep down i thought i was the only one. i know everyone is loving this game, but some how i too feel as though something is not quite right about it.

there are a lot of little things that i am finding i do not like.
i won't bother going into them.. but of all the games i have played in the last 2 weeks, no gears is not my no 1 this year.

maybe i have not played enough yet.. i have just got to the bit were you are underground, but ya i alreayd feel i have had enough so i am back playing something else ( something that i do not usually do ). i will continue with gears tomorrow.

but so far i do not feel the story.

aceitman4051d ago

its not what i expected im not puting the 360 down im putting down gears and im not to happy with the high scores the first thing i noticed is the graphics are a little better little 1.5 not 2 and i think that its truggling to play on the 360 it has a hell of a lot of check points and it lags bad when it save on the check point not like the 1st and it lags a lot when fighting more than 3 enemies on the screen and the most i had close counter is 4 so far ther is one more thing but i cant figure it out that made me love the 1st gears more i think the 360 is maxed out with gears or cliff rushed this out to compete with re2 because i think there is some issues to take care of and i hope that cliff can patch it up

solidt124051d ago

I think a big part of the problem is that there are so many good games that have already came out this year and know that the big guns R2 and Gears 2 are out it is hard to get so excited for them because there is just so much to choose from. I think if these games came out with a whole month or so to themselves we would be more attached to them. I have Gears 2 and R2 but I still keep going back to Fallout 3 and Fable 2, LBP and Dead Space for some reason. Weird

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Superfragilistic4051d ago

In a perfect world Microsoft and Sony will make beautiful gaming love together... and in that case the perfect world is at my place! lol

Can't wait to play MS' heavyweight on my beautiful Sony Bravia. :D

And nice review. :P

Immortal Kaim4051d ago

I love this game, Horde mode is soooo good. Alright, back to Gears 2

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