Tech Olive: Left4Dead Demo Review

One of the most anticipated games of the year is nearing it's release, and Timmie from Tech Olive reviews the newly released demo.

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Twiky4052d ago

Because I really want to try it out!

godofthunder104052d ago

people that are sacastic and saying stupis stuff like it's a AAA title like lips are just childish.It's ridiculious for people to act like this and stupid.If i was them i would be ashamed of my self.

The same goes for people that's telling the ending for gow2 and spoiling it for other people.The a**holes that's doing this probaly has a ps3 and jealious that it's only on the 360.I never read articles where the people that posted them is just stupid and don't have any common sence.They wouldn't like it if someone would have told them the ending to mgs4 before it was released.The same people would be singing a different tune.

People like this doesn't deserve any respect from anyone.Ps3 fans(not fanboys because they like it)shouldn't even respect people that do stupid things like this and it goes for 360 fanboys to.People that do things like this are bias,childish,stupid,ridiculio us and they are just makeing an a** of their self but to stupid to see it.They should act their age instead of a 6 year old.Hell 6 year old act better then they do.

Bolts4052d ago

Yup, and its best on the PC, just like Gears of War 2!

Sony Rep4052d ago

Getting the PS3 version...

Sarcasm4052d ago

Yup another "AAA" title. Just like Banjo Kazooie, Lips, You're in the Movies, Viva Pinata 2!

baum4052d ago

This game has PS2 quality graphics, so enjoy your "AAA" PS2 game.

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Lord Xire4052d ago

I wish I could kill your mother you bastard F***ER.

Antan4052d ago

Yes this loser is spoiling it for people, but go easy with them type of threats mate, come on.

Sony Rep4052d ago (Edited 4052d ago )

It's just a game. Don't wet yourself.

ofx3604052d ago

Now downloading the demo. Can't wait

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The story is too old to be commented.