Ripten 360 Review: Fable II

Fable II is one of those games that some people have been waiting for even before the original was released. Peter Molyneux tried as hard as he could to keep things low key, but try as he might, the hype machine just could not be stopped. So, does the game live up to expectations or does it soil itself trying to impress the ladies? Read on dear reader, and find out….

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Twizlex4048d ago

Wow... that was a long review.

elorm94048d ago

I didn't even bother reading it

Twizlex4048d ago

Oh, kids these days with their instant gratification. All you need is the number, right?

Pebz4048d ago

In all fairness, the review could have been a bit more reading-friendly. Perhaps dividing it into several pages or adding some subtitles now and then. Just a thought.