PlayStation 5 Will Be Dead on Arrival with Sony's 'Hardcore Gamer' Strategy

Sony has hinted that the PlayStation 5 will target hardcore gamers with premium specs and pricey titles, but that could be a big problem.

Knushwood Butt1537d ago (Edited 1537d ago )

Looking forward to the follow-up piece where the author admits that their 'opinion' was total ass.

Kingthrash3601537d ago

Lol.....very slow week in gaming.
Why would anyone think casual gamers are the key to success when its been proven that it's the most inconsistent market.
Look at the wii.....then look at the wiiu, then the switch....high low high...casual gamers follow the hardcore....the Wii had zelda,metroid a proper 3d mario...wiiu zelda was its very last game, no metroid no proper 3d mario...switch already had zelda mario and announced metroid....hardcore gamers hype these and thus activate the tag along hype of casuals....smh the hardcore gamer is key to success because we are the voice of gaming. Period.

VenomUK1536d ago

This opinion is derived from believing Michael Pachter’s mischievous claim that the PS5 will cost $800!

The writer is giving his opinion to others when he doesn’t yet know enough about Pachter! I mean he’s entertaining and he can talk about a company’s financials but doesn’t know enough about gaming.

Also, Sony targeted the PS4 at gamers and it worked out well for them.

kneon1536d ago


Even if was priced at $800 that wouldn't necessarily be a problem. All they need to do is make all titles backwards and forwards compatible. The PS4 then becomes the entry model while the PS5 is the premium model. Yes this means lower sales of the PS5, but much higher software sales, and that's where the money is.

This is the smart way forward as they can carry their 100+ million gamers into the next gen without having to start from 0 like every other gen. Eventually, they would drop the base ps4 support and only support the pro. Then sometime after the PS6 release, when the PS5 price drops enough then it becomes the base model and the PS4 support can be dropped entirely.

naruga1536d ago

its a CentralCn article guys ....only BS -Xbox friendly stuff here ...

abstractel1536d ago

Wow at the disagrees. Why even predict, I know analysts have to because of the way our economy is structured (hence Pachter), but for other people? The public knows basically nothing about it other than some pretty damn diffuse specs.

Kumakai1535d ago

Why do ppl take other ppls opinions so personally?

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SierraGuy1536d ago

BS article and it goes without saying Pachter is officially senile.

Zeegamereh1536d ago

So tired of these trash articles lol “Xbox will be dead on arrival” “PlayStation Will be dead on arrival” like oml gtfo consoles will never die sure they have their ups and downs but that’s it

ShadowWolf7121536d ago

Sega and Atari had to leave the console space.

While consoles will likely be a viable market for a good while, that doesn't make individual companies immune. That said... this article is highkey trash that's entirely based on comments taken way out of context.

Potnoodle9991536d ago


But it’s a hilarious read. Gamers appreciate quality which is all Sony have ever brought.

Knushwood Butt1536d ago

The bots are unleashed in this thread.

Let's see if the genuine votes outnumber the bots.

indysurfn1536d ago

Exactly! You can tell by the actual comment to vote ratio when there is bot voting going on.

Knushwood Butt1536d ago

Yes, the bot drivers are very desperate. Clearly they are tired of playing Crackdown 3 and have nothing else better to do.

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How the heck do you have 307 disagrees? That has got to be a record on N4G.

skiggy341535d ago

Holy Sh1t why do you people care so damn much about dislikes????? Its like you are gonna cry or something because someone's opinion differs from yours.,..

AnubisG1535d ago

No skiggy34 that isn't the point. I usually fon't care about likes/dislikes but there is something fishy going on here. This is out of the ordinary. That is why I mentioned it. No one will cry if their opinions is different than someone elses...well normal people won't at least.

CaptainObvious8781536d ago (Edited 1536d ago )

There's clearly a bot in this thread.

300 disagrees for someone disagreeing with this riduclous article... seems legit.

WeAreLegion1536d ago

Yeah, there's no way. I don't even know if 300 people are active on the site these days.

AnubisG1536d ago

Yeah, most likely something like that is involved. We never see agree/disagree go that high, ever.

trooper_1536d ago

Lol, this article is dead on arrival.

Kostche1535d ago

ha ha 322 down votes, cluless people that keep supporting a garbage system that gives them nothing but multiPlat games and sub par in house garbage, that they now have to wrap up in nice package to actuall get people play their crap games

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Knushwood Butt1537d ago

Lol after reading the author's profile and then reminding myself that the article kicks off with a reference to Pachter.

Atom6661537d ago

Right? The whole idea stems from the premise that they're launching an $800 "hardcore" machine. I thought Pachter said that as a joke though?

Yeah, launching an $800 console would be a problem. That's why they won't do that.

supes_241536d ago

Yea, it’s like people think Sony is listening to gamers or something. They’ve proven this gen over and over that they do. No doubt they’ll hit another grand slam next gen

zelent1536d ago

It was meant as a joke. Pachter was actually very optimistic about Sony's next gen plans.
Based on what he's heard so far, the PS5 has hardware/power that is roughly equivalent to an $800 console. However, he has a strong feeling Sony is going to price the console much, much lower.

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